7 E-Commerce Web Design Tips for Businesses

Wrong interpretation of e-commerce basics can cause a lot of trouble and lead to the taking of decisions that will harm your online store. E-Commerce has, over the past few years, completely taken the world by storm. Here is a list of seven E-Commerce Web Design Tips that can help grow your business.

  1. Pay attention to design, accessibility and accuracy

Although many businessmen consider their websites to be tools for establishing brand recognition, they are, definitely, more beneficial than you may think. Websites can now be thought of as having substituted real, physical stores, with people paying a lot of attention to design, accessibility and, most importantly, accuracy. Therefore, spending money on the presentation of a product on your website and on social media platforms, such as  Instagram, Facebook, etc. should be a must for all businesses.

  1.  There is more to a business than short term revenue goals.

Doubtlessly, the aim of any entrepreneurship is to make money. However, earning money in the short term should not be the main priority. Rather, priority should be on sustainable long term goals.

For this, one should take into consideration some factors that mostly seem less meaningful. Such analysis includes the SM branding, traffic of a website’s followers, and the cost of a single asset. 

  1. Social Media can be used to compliment your website

The effort that you put into the maintenance of a web platform can give the impression that it is the only important tool in an SMM strategy. However, the fact is that, there is ‘life’ beyond having a fine website.

The modern understanding of effective marketing underlines the importance of having a set of platforms that are there to support the main one.

This does not imply that you have to create a subsidiary website aiming at promoting the main one. What it means is that you should use other tools, including social media pages, such as Instagram, Facebook, e-mailing, content marketing that to boost the presence of your brand across the internet.

  1. Emails still have a role to play in marketing

E-mail marketing is still efficient and will always be efficient as long as people use online-mailing. A lot of innovative ways have been developed over the past few years, that can help you sharpen your email marketing skills.

The problem here is not old-fashioned e-mails but the audience targeted by them. It’s crucial to be very precise and careful when choosing people who are receiving messages on a product. Consider age, occupation, location (country of dwelling) and others that can help you compile an appropriate list of receivers. Mind content, not profit.

  1. Convert your online visitors/viewers into sales

Yes, it’s well-known that success is measured in followers, and the more visitors a website has the higher the chances of making a sale.  On the other hand, most of the people who visit your site will not likely be potential buyers.

The trick here is to be able to focus your marketing efforts towards a suitable audience. In any case, if an online store gets a high volume of traffic, it’s crucial to make sure that they will buy something. For this reason, your design should be visually coherent to people and should be aimed at boosting your brand.

  1. Does quality speak for itself?

No, it doesn’t. In order to convince an audience to buy a product and, consequently, demonstrate its advantages over others, a well-thought-through marketing strategy and constant representation on social media are a must.

Across the globe, even well known brands have to push their agenda over and over again before achieving success. Despite the fact that your product may be superior in quality, they can simply get swamped by other brands should you not carry out a proper marketing campaign.

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