Zamtel Internet Settings for Android devices and iPhones

Are you looking for Zamtel internet settings for Android devices and iPhones? If yes, then you need to read this article. Zamtel is one of Zambia’s telecommunications giants. If you have just bought a new Android phone or an iPhone, you will be looking for settings to get you on the internet. Being connected has become essential these days when we all spend half our lives glued to our phones while chatting with friends and family on social networking platforms.

Zamtel APN Settings for Android 2020

The following are the Zamtel APN Settings for Android devices;

  • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Next, you need to open Cellular networks
  • Then you need to open Access Point Names
  • Click on the sign to the top right hand of your screen to add an APN. The following are the settings;
  • Name: Zamtel
  • APN:
  • Proxy: Not set
  • Port: Not set
  • Username: Leave at Not set
  • Server: Leave at Not Set
  • MMSC: Leave as is at Not Set
  • MMS Proxy: Leave at Not Set
  • MMS Port: Not Set
  • MCC: 648
  • MNC: 01
  • Authentication Type: Leave at Not Set
  • APN type: Don’t change anything here
  • APN protocol: Ipv4
  • APN roaming protocol: Ipv4
  • Enable/disable APN: Make sure that the APN is enabled
  • Bearer: Leave at unspecified
  • MVNO type: None
  • MVNO Value: Not set

Zamtel Internet Settings for iPhones

Do you own an iPhone? If yes, the following are the Zamtel settings for iPhones;

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone
  • Next, you need to go to Cellular
  • From there, go to Cellular Data Network
  • Click on APN. Use the following settings on your phone;
  • APN:
  • Username: Leave blank
  • Password: Leave blank

Zamtel Internet Settings for Windows Phones

If you have a Windows phone, the following are the Zamtel APN settings that you need to get on your phone to start surfing the internet;

  • APN:
  • Username and password: leave blank
  • Type of sign-in-info: None
  • IP Type: Ipv4
  • Leave both Proxy server (URL) and Proxy Port blank


Those are the Zamtel APN settings for mobile devices. People used to look for Zamtel internet settings for Blackberry devices, but we have not included them here because Blackberry is no longer a force when it comes to mobile devices. It’s doubtful if there are people in Zambia who still have Blackberry phones.

Anyway, you will notice that all these settings are more or less the same. There are slight differences, but it’s easy for someone to set up an iPhone to use Zamtel internet based on the Zamtel internet APN settings for Android devices. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. We love to hear from you.

And if you are having trouble connecting you Android or iOS device to Zamtel internet, make sure that you have all the settings right. You may want to delete an APN before setting it up one more time. If you are in Zimbabwe, here are the Econet internet settings for Android devices. For for those in the Philippines, here is how to change the WiFi password on a PLDT Router.

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