What does it mean to buy a Kindle Paperwhite with ads?

One of the decisions that you will likely agonize over when it comes to buying a Kindle Paperwhite is whether or not to buy one that comes with ads or one that does not. The difference between the two in monetary terms stands at around $20. This may seem small, but actually ads up, particularly for international buyers. So, what does a it mean to buy a Kindle Paperwhite with ads?

What do you get when you buy a Paperwhite with ads?

  1. You get ads shown in your home screen. The good thing is that this type of ad is not that intrusive. In fact, I hardly ever notice ads on my Kindle Paperwhite’s home screen. They are assigned a narrow strip at the bottom of your screen and mainly show recommendations that are based on your reading patterns.
  2. Ads get shown on your Kindle Paperwhite’s screen in sleep mode. Again, these are in the form of book recommendations. The thing to remember is that an e-ink reader’s screen will always show something on your screen in sleep mode. You can force the device to turn completely off, but that is hardly worth the effort. If you have the Kindle Paperwhite that does not have ads, patterns will be shown on the screen instead. The good thing about the ads, however, is that they are static, meaning the ad that’s on your screen will not change till you exit and enter sleep mode again. They also consume zero battery power.
  3. Ads on a Kindle Paperwhite can be removed. All that you need to do is go into your account and you can pay $20 to have the ads removed from your device.
  4. You only get shown Amazon Ads. This is another bit of good news should you decide to buy a Kindle Paperwhite with ads. The ads that you see on your device are only from Amazon and they relate to your interests in terms of books. So, you don’t have to worry about getting ads from someone else.
  5. The ads are relevant, as just stated. They can actually be a useful way through which you can get hold of related books.
  6. If you haven’t connected your Kindle to the internet for some time, the ads will go away. So, if you have downloaded all the books that you need onto your device and you spent a week or so without connecting to the internet, you wont see the ads at all.

Should I buy a Kindle Paperwhite with ads?

So, to the question of whether or not to buy the Kindle Paperwhite that comes with ads, the answer is; go for it. You will hardly ever notice the ads in any case. Not that there is anything wrong with getting the Paperwhite that comes ad free. In fact, if you can spare the extra 20 dollars, feel free to go that way.

Why did we produce this article?

You will have noticed that we took a bit of an ambiguous stand here. It’s okay to buy a Kindle Paperwhite that comes with Ads. It’s also okay to go for one that does not have ads. The extra $20 on the purchase price is not that much at the end of the day. But if you can’t afford the $20, then feel free to buy the Kindle Paperwhite with ads. And you can always pay the $20 later to have the ads removed from your device.

Anyway, the whole point is that you shouldn’t avoid buying a Paperwhite simply because it has ads. The ads are non-intrusive. You will hardly notice them. And they mostly contain relevant content. You can get ideas of what to read next based on these ads. They are not like Google Ads where an attempt is made to sell you all kinds of good. On Google, you will see ads for products ranging from pots and pans to the latest Lamborghini.

On a Kindle, it’s all about books. At least as far as I have been able to find out. So, you have nothing to worry about. And no ad is going to pop up while you are in the middle of reading your book. It doesn’t work that way. Otherwise the entire experience is going to be rather terrible.


Hope we have shown you what it means to buy a Kindle Paperwhite with ads. Mostly, it’s nothing to be worried about. If the idea of having ads on your Kindle bothers you, then by any means feel free to pay the extra money to get an ad free device. Otherwise, the ads that appear on your device are not intrusive.

They don’t appear while you are reading. They only appear on the home screen and on the lock screen. So, you really shouldn’t be worried about them. Hope this article will be helpful to some people. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have something to say. Otherwise feel free to buy the latest Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon here.

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