List of Western Union Agents in Zimbabwe

If you have been sending money to your family and friends in Zimbabwe using Western Union, you may be worried about where they are going to collect the money from. Which banks and financial institutions in Zimbabwe are registered Western Union agents? You may also be worried about whether or not they are going to get cash hard currency from the agencies. That is a question that we answer in the article in the provided link. Here, in any case, are the Western Union agents in Zimbabwe;

  • Finsure House, Cnr Sam Nujoma St Kwame Nkurumah Avenue, Harare
  • POSP Chiedza House
  • POSB, 86 Union Avenue
  • Parirenyatwa POSB
  • Steward Bank Joina City
  • POSB Harare Main Post Office
  • Direct Connect Julius Nyerere
  • Ecobank Zimbabwe Southerton Branch
  • Ecobank Zimbabwe Samora Machel
  • Ecobank Zimbabwe Nelson Mandela
  • Ecobank Zimbabwe Msasa Branch
  • Ecobank Zimbabwe Joina City Branch
  • Ecobank Zimbabwe Graniteside Branch
  • Ecobank Zimbabwe Borrowdale Branch
  • Easylink Mbuya Nehanda
  • Agribank Hurudza house
  • Agribank Kopje
  • Agribank ZW HQ Agrigold
  • Agribank Nelso Mandela
  • POSB Main Post Office Building
  • POSB Causeway Building
  • POSB Southerton
  • Steward Bank Kwame Nkurumah
  • Direct Connect Eastgate
  • Steward Bank Avondale
  • OK FIve Avenue
  • POSB Westgate.

Many Monre Western Union Agents in Zimbabwe

There are many more branches where you can collect the money that is sent to you via Western Union. You can check out the complete list by following this link. The good news is that the people to whom you are sending money using Western Union are not going to have any problem collecting the cash. They are also going to, on tops of the money that you sent, get an export incentive in the form of bond notes and coins.

Why the government is encouraging remittances

The reason why there are so many Western Union agents in Zimbabwe is because the government has been encouraging remittances. With the country in desperate need of foreign currency, the money that comes from Zimbabweans in the diaspora has long proven to be a godsend for the economy.

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