How to use the Sniping tool in Windows 10

The Sniping Tool is one of those nifty utilities that are in the Windows Operation System that most people are not even aware of. This is something of a pity, considering how useful this tool can be. So, what is the Sniping Tool?

What is the Sniping Tool?

The Sniping tool is a great utility that you can use to capture screenshots on your computer. Most of us are aware of the other option for taking screenshots; using the Windows + the Print Screen buttons. This method allows you to take a screenshot of your entire screen.


While the Windows + Print Screen buttons method has its uses, it can be rather restrictive. What if you wish to take a screenshot of only part of your screen? Do you take a screenshot of the entire screen and edit the resultant image?

The Sniping Tool

This is where the tool comes into play, by allowing you to create partial images of your computer’s screen.

Image Formats

Another great thing about the Sniping Tool is that it allows you to save your screenshots in any of the following formats;

  • PNG
  • GIG
  • JPEG
  • MHT

Having all these options means that you do not have to look for converters in order to use your screenshots.

Email Screenshots

The Sniping Tool also comes in handy if you would like to directly email the resultant screenshot to someone else. In that case, all that you need to do is click on the email button at the top and you will be taken to a window where you can directly email the image.

How to Open the Tool

In order to open the tool, all that you need to do type “Sniping Tool,” in the Search box on your PC.Click on the name of the tool when it comes up in the results.

How I use the Tool

Ever since I started freelancing and blogging, the tool has become one of the applications that I use the most on my computer. Without it, I don’t think I would be able to do most of the work that I do. In any case, you can learn how to use a computer like a pro by following this link.

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