Cost of Hiring Vehicle Clearing Agents at Beitbridge or Plumtree

If you are looking to import a used Japanese car, one of the costs that you may have to deal with is that of a clearing agent at your port of entry. So, how much are you going to be charged by a vehicle clearing agent at Beitbridge or Plumtree? Here is the Cost of Hiring Vehicle Clearing Agents at Beitbridge or Plumtree;

Clearing your car through an agent

We do have to state here that it’s entirely possible for you to clear you own car when it arrives at the port of your choice. The process, however, does tend to be cumbersome and is not for the fainthearted.  The question on whether or not you should hire a clearing agent when importing a car from Japan is one that we answer in the article in the provided link.

Cost of Hiring Vehicle Clearing Agents at Beitbridge or Plumtree: My own experience

This article is based on my own experience. Things may have changed, since I bought my car nearly three years ago. However, at that time, I chose to have my car delivered to Plumtree. Feel free to leave a comment in the section below if there have been any changes.

Anyway, before my car arrived at Plumtree, I was notified that it’s papers were going to be in the hands of a clearing agent who had been chosen by Be Forward. All that I needed to do was go there and I could clear the car on my own.

However, when I got there, I decided to let the agent do all the running around on my behalf. So, what is the cost of hiring vehicle clearing agents at Beitbridge or Plumtree? I can’t remember the name of the agent offhand.

What I can say is I was charged $150 to have my car cleared by the agent. I suspect I could have negotiated this price down. Again, your experience may be different from mine. Feel free to leave a comment below. That’s all about the Cost of Hiring Vehicle Clearing Agents at Beitbridge or Plumtree.

Cost of hiring a clearing agent at Dar Es Salaam

I haven’t been to Dar, and would not drive a car from there even if someone was paying me a thousand dollars. I am, however, curious as to how much the clearing agents over there cost. Again, those who have the experience are free to leave comments below.

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