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  1. my name is Jaqueline Smith
    landline No: 011 475 2125
    i am quite shocked at the increase of my account these last few months!
    it started of very low as much as R200 – R300 per month
    then steadily increased to 400 – 500
    suddenly it is now touching almost R700 within a time span of a month!
    what can i do to access itemized billing as in the past – now that there are no longer snail mail bills being sent out
    i will sincerely appreciate your urgent response – thank you kindly

    1. How do I set up itemised billing?

      Talk To Telkom and they will help you set up itemized billing. This service costs R17.00 per month for contract customers if you want to receive it via post and it’s free if you want to receive your bill via email.

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