How to Check Telkom Airtime Balance

Are you looking for information on how to check Telkom balance? Maybe you are new to Telkom and you are still trying to find your way around the network. Telkom mobile has been growing in leaps and bounces over the past few years. In fact, we have been writing articles on how to port to Telkom from other networks in South Africa. That’s because so many people are looking to move. The following is how to check airtime on Telkom;

NB: If you wish to check the balance for your Telkom landline, then you need to read this article to find out how to do it.

How to Check Airtime on Telkom

To check Telkom airtime balance, you need to take the following steps;

  1. On your phone, dial *188#
  2. Follow the instructions to check your balance.
  3. You can also check your Telkom balance using the Android or iOS app.

What’s the Telkom Balance Code?

The Telkom balance code is *188#. That’s the Telkom balance check number. Dial the Telkom airtime balance code on your mobile phone. Follow the instructions that come up and you should be able to see how much airtime you still have in your Telkom mobile phone.

Is a Telkom balance inquiry free?

For some reason, some people are afraid to use the above Telkom airtime balance code because they think they are going to be charged something. That’s not actually the case. There is probably no network out there that charges for checking balances. So, you should be happy to know that the Telkom airtime check is free.

Why the rush to Telkom

We have already noted that there has been a rush over the past few years of people moving to Telkom from their current mobile communications provider. Many have moved from Cell C to Telkom and from Vodacom to Telkom. But why has that been the case? Well, it all has to do with cost. South Africans are cost conscious, and Telkom is one of the competitive players on the scene.

Some people worry that service on Telkom is going to be degraded. It’s a relatively new network after all. At the moment Telkom roams on Vodacom. That means that if you are a Telkom customer, you are essentially on Vodacom. The only difference is that you will be enjoying cheaper call costs. So, you need not be worried about performance. Telkom performs as good as the platform on which it is roaming. The company used to roam on MTN, but it has since moved to Vodacom.

Anyway, that’s how to check Telkom airtime balance. Checking balance on Telkom is a good way of keeping control of your spending. You may also want to read our article on how to send a please call on Telkom. That information will be useful if you have run out of airtime. We also have an article on how to transfer airtime on Telkom mobile. Again, that’s an article that should help you in the event that somebody that you know has run out of airtime.


  1. Good evening.

    Please help me, I cannot receive sms balance if I’m checking my airtime balance using Telkom. I can’t even see how much data left.
    Please assist

    Yours sincerely
    Miss Buthelezi

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