TDS Router Default Login Password and Username

What is the TDS router default login username and password? TDS Telecom is regarded as one of the United State’s major ISPs. TDS customers sometimes need to sign into their routers’ admin areas. In this article, we provide you a complete list of TDS router login details. We cover all the routers that are officially rented out by TDS to it’s customers.

TDS Router Login Details

The TDS router default login username is admin. The default password is usually password. There are a few routers in use on the network for which you need to check on the router label for the correct TDS router username and password. In the table below, we provide a complete list of TDS supplied routers. We also give you their admin login details. However, there are one or two people out there who would rather use their own equipment as a way of avoiding having to pay a rental fee. In case you belong in this group, here is how to find the admin login details for any router.

RouterDefault UsernameDefault Password
Actiontec 701adminpassword
Actiontec 701cadminpassword
Actiontec 701dadminpassword
Actiontec 704adminpassword
Actiontec 724adminpassword
Actiontec 784adminpassword
Actiontec GT784WNadminpassword
Actiontec T2200Hadminsee label on router
Actiontec T3200adminsee label on router
Actiontec V1000H DSLadminsee label on router
ARRIS TG862 G/NA-8adminpassword

What if the above TDS router default login username and password do not work?

Those are the TDS router login details. Hopefully, our list contains all the information that you have been on the hunt for. We do have to note, however, that quite a number of people buy their own routers on TDS, as opposed to using those supplied by the network. A major reason for this is the monthly rental fee of about $10. These people would rather own their routers, rather than renting them from TDS for that amount.

If you are one of the people suing their own routers, chances are high that the router that you have does not appear on our list. So, what’s the best approach to this particular situation? How do you find the TDS router default login password and username?

There are also instances where you will fail to log into your TDS router’s admin section. That usually happens if you or somebody else has already made changes to your TDS router’s login password. It’s actually advisable to make these changes when you initially log into your router.

Default usernames and passwords are the same in most instances. It means people using the same router will have the same login details, no matter where they may be. That presents challenges.

There have been a few cases where individuals have been kicked out of their own WiFi networks by naughty neighbors, so you need to protect yourself. However, where do you go should the default TDS login username and password given above fail to work?

Login details on most routers are on the router label

Here is the thing; you didn’t actually need to come here to look for the TDS router password. In actual fact, everything that you need is already quite near you! What do we mean by that?

Well, almost all routers on the market today have a router label. You will find it either under the device or on it’s back. Sometimes, the router label will be on the side of the device. But what’s does the router label contain?

The router label contains details pertaining to getting into the backend of your router. If you check, you will see printed on there information regarding how to sign into your TDS router’s admin console. You will find the default username for your TDS router.

You will also find the default login admin password for your TDS router. Also there is the default IP address, enabling you to open your router’s web portal. Again, we need to repeat that the information that you are looking for is already quite near you.

Carry out a router reset

If, after finding the correct default TDS router login username and password, you are still unable to log in, then it may be time to take some drastic action. The reason for your failure could be, as already noted, the fact that somebody has already changed the admin login details for your modem.

Many people do this for security reasons. However, almost all are not able to remember their new TDS router admin passwords. That’s because router passwords are hardly ever used. So, it’s not very hard to forget them. Considering this, how do you proceed? Is forgetting your password similar to bricking your router?

You will be glad to hear that you do not have to take such drastic steps. You can simply reset your TDS router to recover from this situation. You will lose a lot of settings, and you may have to get in touch with TDS to set your internet up one more time. However, a router reset can be useful.

To reset your router, simply follow the following instructions;

  • Find a reset button on your modem. It’s usually on the back. It’s is a pinhole button. Get hold of a tool that can press on it. A pen will do.
  • Push on the rest button with your tool.
  • Keep pressing on the button for at least 15 seconds.
  • In most instances, the router will switch itself off and on.
  • When the process gets completed, you can now log in using the TDS router default login password and username provided in our list.

Relevance of this information

Is there a reason for anyone to bother looking for the TDS router login details? To be fair, most people never get to try and find this information. They remain with the TDS default router admin details.

However, situations may arise that force you to hunt down the TDS router username and password. It usually happens to those who want to change their WiFi names. You can also get into this dilemma while trying to change the password for your WiFi network.

You will find that many more changes can only be made from your router’s admin console. To carry out any of them, you need to have the default login details for your TDS router.


This post was dedicated to giving you a full TDS router default login username and password list. We only covered the routers and modems that are supplied by TDS. Some people buy different routers of their own.

In the event that you belong in this category then please read the section on a simple way for finding a router’s admin information. Also go through the Windstream router default login details article. You may also be interested in the default password for Optimum routers.

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