Response to a Guest Post Request

Below is a guest post submission request and the response that we gave. Admittedly, we were rather rude, but we had just come from receiving a 100% plagiarized guest post;

Guest post request


I hope you doing good, I’m Christie blogger Vs Writer, Last day i saw your site in google (, Seem its too good & well informative once, 

Yes I’m really impressed and willing to working this kind Blogs, Very much interested to share my knowledge to your blogs, Also interested for Sponsor post. Let me know. 

Expecting some positive Response in your side,

Response to Guest Post Request

Hey Christie

To be frank, we are rather sour on guest posts at the moment. 90 percent of the ones that are submitted on this blog are plagiarized. And 8 percent are just of a poor quality. But if you think you can produce something that’s well written and unplagiarized, then by all means, feel free to make your submission.

However, a word of warning; based on the number of errors in your letter, it is more than likely that your submission will be substandard and we will reject it. If, on the other hand, you can get someone who is more contentious to do the writing on your behalf, we would be very happy to review and publish the work.

Thing is, guest posts are accepted as a favor to fellow bloggers. We do not really have the time on this blog to spend hours going over poorly written work. If writing is beyond you, as appears to be the case in this case, there is another option that we can follow.

Instead of you wasting time writing poorly written content, and us spending even more time trying to hammer it into submission, we will simply do the writing on your behalf. Now, as you may already have deduced from this response to your letter, we are very good writers. Indeed, so good are we that we have published quite a number of novels, but that is neither here nor there.

In any case, you can just give us a topic and we will do the writing on your behalf as already stated. Once that is done, we will insert, somewhere in there, your links along with the appropriate number of mentions of your name. Beyond a reasonable point, however, each additional link and glorious mention of your brand will cost you an extra something, of course.

Anyway, as you may already have deduced, we will write the article on your behalf and we will both agree to call it a sponsored post. Afterwards, you will pay us a very reasonable sum of $50.


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