Online Plagiarism Checkers are not Accurate

Plagiarism is an ongoing problem, particularly if you are a blog or website owner. One of the things that I have discovered in the short while in which I have been running this blog is that people are notoriously lazy. Instead of writing their own articles, all they want to do is copy things that have already been published by others. The situation becomes rather annoying when it comes to guest posts. Just take Network Bees as an example. On this blog, we accept guest posts from writers across the globe free of charge. All along, we were using online plagiarism checkers to weed out copied material. But the simple truth is that the accuracy of online plagiarism checkers is questionable.

Why we accept guest posts

The reason why we accept guest posts has to do with the fact that we recognize that the blogging world is rather cutthroat. The only way that newbies, including us, are going to be able to get by is by getting as much SEO juice as is possible.

Guest posts increase a site’s visibility

Publishing posts on other blogs and websites is one of the best ways through which you can increase the visibility of your own website. What happens is that each guest post is accompanied by a link or several links that point back to your site.

Google and other Search Engines use these links as one of the major ranking factors. The assumption is that people have linked to your content, so it has to be useful and of the highest quality. Of course, that is not always the case, but there can be no arguing with Google.

Plagiarism is rampant

Plagiarism is rampant across the internet. Admittedly, it can be rather hard being original, considering the cutthroat environment in which we operate. However, some of the things that happen are driven by, as already mentioned, pure laziness.

We have, as an example, just received an article from someone who appears to be using a generic online name. Now, the name itself does not matter in this instance. What matters is that the submitted article was 100% plagiarized! The person didn’t even bother to correct a couple of obvious grammatical errors in the title.

Do online plagiarism checkers work?

Anyway, the object of this article is the fact that, as I have just discovered, online plagiarism checkers do not always work. My favorite in this instance is this tool from Small SEO Tools. Now, upon pasting the article that I have received, the plagiarism checking tool only discovered a plagiarism of 2%.

That is usually no problem but in this case, I took the time to go the page on which the plagiarism had been detected. Imagine my shock, therefore when I discovered that the article that had been submitted to this blog was a 100% copy of the one on the other website.

Upon further testing, I discovered that all the other online tools were failing to detect the obvious plagiarism that was on the paper in question.

The takeout

Anyway, the takeout from all this is that you should carry out extensive testing before accepting guest posts. Most of the people who are out there are, as already said, rather lazy. They will not bother writing something original. Instead, they want all the benefits of guest posting without the sweat.

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