Openview Decoder Price in Zimbabwe

The other day I went into the Harare CBD on the hunt for an Openview HD decoder. These decoders have become rather popular around Zimbabwe over the past few years. Rather than make monthly DSTV subscriptions, people prefer to pay a once off fee on the OVHD decoder. The entire thing is a bit illegal. People in another country are not supposed to view channels from another country’s national broadcaster. Now, Zimbabweans just love Muvango and other shows on SABC, but it is not this love that drives them to opt for South African channels. Rather, it all has to do with the tepid programming on ZBC.

I do have to admit that ZBC is now a bit better with program such as Tunga, Mawoko Matema and Muzita Rababa. But things remain dire. Somebody over there appears bent on sabotaging the national broadcaster, with the result that some of these well made shows are shown in the dead of the night, when everybody is asleep. Meanwhile, one incomprehensible show or the other is given the slot at prime time.

How much does an Openview Decoder cost in Zimbabwe?

The cost of an OVHD decoder in Zimbabwe stands at USD40 dollars. At most shops around town, you can get it for the equivalent in Bond Dollar cash. You should also be able to negotiate to get a small discount. However, $40 appears to be the established price for the Open view decoder in Zimbabwe.

Openview decoder price; Zimbabwe vs South Africa

In South Africa, the Open view decoder costs 499 Rands. I got this price on the Game website. You may get it cheaper or more expensive elsewhere. So, how much is 499 Rands in Zimbabwe? Well, at today’s rate, 499 Rands gives you USD34.47. So the decoders are cheaper in South Africa, but not by much. It may actually not be worth it for you to go down there simply to buy one. Maybe if you are going there on other business.

How much does a DSTV decoder cost in Zimbabwe

You can expect to pay from USD90 for a DSTV decoder in Zimbabwe. Add to that the monthly subscriptions, and you can see that the Open view decoder is a way cheaper option for people in the country.

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