New Contact Number for Multichoice Zimbabwe

Following the introduction of the new area codes for Zimbabwe by TelOne, the new Contact Number for Multichoice Zimbabwe is +26324232600.

New Multichoice Zimbabwe Phone Number

As you can see in the above, the new Multichoice number for Zimbabwe consists of the new area code for Harare, plus the old number. For those who were not in the know, the old contact number for DSTV Zimbabwe was 32600. The new area code for Harare is 0242.

Dialing the new DSTV Zimbabwe contact number from inside Zimbabwe

To call the new DSTV Zimbabwe number while inside the country, you simply dial 024232600. Most people omit the “0” at the beginning when dialing the new Multichoice Zimbabwe phone number. If you do that, you will be able to get through to Multichoice.

Calling Multichoice Zimbabwe from outside Zimbabwe

If, on the other hand, you would like to call DSTV Zimbabwe from outside the country, all that you need to do is dial +26324232600.

Why the slight change?

The reason why there has been a slight change in the Multichoice Zimbabwe phone number is because TelOne recently updated all area codes for the country. For Harare, the area code, which used to be (04), is now (0242). That is the reason why there is now a new Contact Number for Multichoice Zimbabwe. Many people have been having problems dialing landline numbers in the country as a result of these changes.

Hope this information on the new Contact Number for Multichoice Zimbabwe was helpful to you. Feel free to read our article on the new TelOne area codes for Zimbabwe to learn more about how you can call Zimbabwean phone numbers.

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