How to Replace a lost Payoneer Card

What do you do when you lose your Payoneer card? Can you continue to receive money into your account even after the loss? And what happens to the money that is already in the lost card? If you are looking for answers to these questions, here is how to replace a lost Payoneer Card;

  • Contact Payoneer immediately upon losing your card
  • Payoneer will block your card soon afterwards.
  • You will still be able to receive payments into your Payoneer account, even when your card is blocked.
  • Decide whether you wish to continue with the search or to immediately apply for a new one.
  • Should you find your card within 7 days, you can contact Payoneer to have it reactivated.
  • After 7 days, or should you decide to apply for a new one, your old card will be permanently blocked.
  • You will receive confirmation when your new card has been shipped.
  • Your new card will arrive after about 3 weeks, depending on where you live.
  • Activate the new Payoneer MasterCard, and all your funds from the old card will be transferred from the old card.

Getting a Replacement Payoneer Card: The Long Story

I recently had the misfortune of losing my Payoneer Card and thought I would write this article, detailing the steps that I took to recover from the problem. If you need to learn more about Payoneer, you can read this article. Needless to say here that it has proven to be of great service to many people across the globe. That is particularly the case for those who, like me, live in countries where PayPal is not active. Payoneer allows us to carry out a wide variety of online work, including freelancing and blogging. So, what did I do about the lost Payoneer Card?

How I lost my Payoneer MasterCard

I am not really sure how I lost my Payoneer Card. All that I know is that one day I was blissfully using it in one supermarket or the other, and the next, it was gone from my wallet. I can’t tell you the number of times that I have emptied that thing while looking for my card!

Not Stolen

The one thing that I was sure about was that the card had not actually been stolen. That is why I did not enter panic mode about the lost Payoneer card. I fully believed I had misplaced it somehow. Anyway, I have now given up on ever finding it.

What to do when you lose your Payoneer Card

Should you lose your Payoneer Card, it is advisable that you immediately get in touch with the folks at Payoneer. That is particularly the case if you think that your card was stolen. You can get in touch by either calling, emailing or via live chat. In my case, after filling in the required details and sending an email to Payoneer, I got the response (from an autoresponder) that is in the above screenshot.

How Quickly Will Payoneer Respond

As you can see, the promised response to a lost Payoneer Card query is within 12 hours.Of course, as mentioned earlier, if you suspect that your card was stolen and someone might try and steal your hard earned money, it is advisable to call rather than email in order to have your card quickly blocked.

Lost Payoneer Card: The Response

The response to my lost Payoneer Card query came less than two hours after I had sent out an email to Payoneer. The following is the email from Payoneer;

Response (04/16/2017 04:33 PM)

  • We are sorry to hear that you have lost your card. Your card has been blocked to prevent anyone from abusing it.With blocking your card, all additional features to transfer funds out of your Payoneer Account have also been temporarily disabled.  You will be able to regain access to these features once you receive and activate your new card.If you find the card within 7 days in a private location, please let us know. After 7 days or once a new card has been ordered for you, the old card will be permanently blocked.We would like to order a new card for you via regular mail (shipping time is approximately 2-4 weeks) for a replacement card fee of $12.95. If you would like to receive your new card via expedited shipping, please let us know in your reply to this email.To order the replacement card, please reply to this e-mail with the following details:
    1. Full name
    2. ID number used for registration (National ID, passport or driver’s license). Note: US residents must reply with the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number
    3. The shipping address used for your previous card delivery (If you want us to send the card to a new address, please provide us with a proof of residence in form of a government issued ID or a copy of a recent utility bill that state your name and address. *If you are renting and do not have any utility bills under your name, please provide us with a copy of your rental agreement and a copy of a utility bill under the owner’s name).
    4. Date of birth
     Sincerely,AudreyCustomer Care

Lost Payoneer Card: The Summary

As you can see in the above letter, Payoneer immediately blocked my account upon notification that my card had gone missing. This is, in essence, a commonsense precaution that’s designed to stop you from losing your money.

Payoneer offers you a grace period of 7 days, during which you can have your account reactivated, should you find your card tucked away somewhere safe. After that, or should you request for a new card, your card will be permanently disable.

Can I still Receive Payments into my Payoneer Account if my account is frozen due to a lost card?

Update:  If you are worried about receiving payments after losing your Payoneer Card, you need not be concerned. A few days ago I was scheduled to receive some funds from Amazon’s KDP. I inquired from Payoneer on whether the suspension of activity on my account would affect this. The reply came a few days later, showing that people can still receive payments into their accounts even when their cards have been blocked, as occurs while waiting for a new Payoneer MasterCard to arrive.

How to Request for a new Payoneer Card

To immediately request for a new card, all that you need to do is send a reply to the above email. Include your full name, ID number, Passport Number, the address to which the lost Payoneer Card was originally sent, and your date of birth.

How long will it take to Get Your Replacement Payoneer Card?

My Payoneer Card was shipped on the 23rd of April 2017. It arrived on the 15th of May 2017. That’s 22 days between shipping and receptions. 

This may appear to be a lot, particularly if you need to use the money that’s in your account. However, its actually earlier than the 19th and 29th of May, between which Payoneer had stated that my card would arrive.

In any case, I live in a somewhat backwater country, which means that your card may actually arrive on your doorstep a lot earlier. 

How Much Does the Replacement Payoneer Card Cost

The original Payoneer Card is offered for free. However, you will have to pay $12.95 for the replacement card. That’s something of an incentive to keep it safe next time.

How to Activate a Replacement Payoneer Card

Activating your Payoneer Card is a simple matter of logging into your account, clicking on the card in question and choosing “Activate.” You will be asked to provide a 4 digit pin number and to agree to the Terms and Conditions, among other things. Follow the instructions and you new Payoneer MasterCard will be ready to use in no time.

How to Transfer Funds into the new card

The good news is that, as you can see in the above screenshot, you do not have to do anything to transfer money into your new card. After you have activated it, your money will automatically be transferred into the new Payoneer card.

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