KT Router Default Password and Username

What’s the KT router default username and password? KT is the biggest telecoms company in South Korea. Customers often find themselves having to log into the settings pages for their routers. Perhaps you will be looking to change name of your WiFi connection. Or maybe you will be looking to make many of the other changes that can only be made from within the admin dashboard. KT mostly uses what’s called the Giga WiFi router. We cover how to log into that here.

KT Router Login Details

The default username on most KT routers is admin, while the default password is either admin or password. Korea Telecoms routers go under the name Giga WiFi. The latest of these is the KT Giga WiFi home ax. This router can be used in combination with the Giga WiFi Buddy to give you internet throughout your home. It provides mesh capabilities.

KT Router ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
KT GiGA WiFi home axadminadmin/password
GiGA WiFi Buddyadminadmin/password
Wave 2adminadmin/password

KT Giga WiFi Home AX Router Password

The KT Giga WiFi Home AX password is admin, while the username is also admin. That’s the information that you need to log into your router.

What if the above information does not work?

Those are the passwords and usernames for Korea Telecoms routers. But what if the information that we have just given you fails to work. That sometimes happens for a number of reasons.

Maybe somebody has previously changed your KT router default password. People are advised to do so when they log in for the first time. As you can see above, router passwords are the same.

If you check out our Huawei router login details article, you will notice that most Huawei routers also use admin as both the username and the password.

So, it’s wise to change this password to something a little more secure. It you leave it as is, there is always a chance that some naughty neighbor will lock you out of your own WiFi. That has happened to quite a number of people.

Another reason why the KT router admin password given above may fail to work is if you are using a different router altogether. Some people prefer this to using devices that are provided by Korea Telecoms. So, what do you do in that case?

Look for the router label: It will have the KT router default password an username

Whatever the router that you may be using, the fact is, most routers come with labels that are stuck on the back or underneath the devices. These labels have all the information that you need to get into the admin section.

The router label looks something like what’s in the above picture. You won’t miss it. If your router doesn’t have a label, you will be pleased to note that login details for most routers are the same. You can also find the information that you are looking for on the internet. If you check, you will find the following information;

  • The admin username
  • The admin password
  • The router IP
  • The WiFi password

Reset your Router

In the event that you have previously changed your KT router password but have forgotten your new login details, it’s advisable to do a router reset. That’s an easy enough task. If you take a look at most routers, you will find a reset button somewhere on the back.

What you need to do is to push on this button. Sometimes, you need to do that for at least 20 seconds. Sometimes for less. You will notice that something has happened because your router’s lights will flash off and then on.

After resetting your router, it will now be possible to log in using the default admin password that can be found on the router label.

Reasons for looking for KT router default password

You are here looking for the KT router password for reasons that we have already highlighted. Maybe you wish to change your WiFi name. Or maybe you wish to change the password.

Whatever the reasons, you need to have access to your KT router’s login page to get inside and make these changes. Remember while in there not to change any of the other settings that may end up affecting your internet.


In this article, we gave you the KT router default password and username. We noted that KT uses router that are referred to as Giga WiFi routers. If you want to get into the admin section for these routers, you will need to find the login details. That’s the information that we provided in this post.

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