Is DSTV Catch Up Free?

DSTV Catch up is great for…well, catching up on those series and movies that you may have missed. We all lead active lifestyles, and most of the time, our schedules are not in sync with our viewing preferences. So, your favorite shows on DSTV may be flighted when you are at work or at school, as an example. This is where DSTV Catch Up comes into play. It allows you to view all those shows that you may have missed. So, is DSTV Catch Up Free?

DSTV Catch Up Is Free for DSTV Subscribers

DSTV Catch Up is free. However, you need to have an active DSTV subscription in order to make use of DSTV Catch Up.

Using DSTV Catch Up

One thing to note is that your DSTV Catch Up programming is only going to be only as good as your subscription. If you subscribe to DSTV family, as an example, you are only going to be able to catch up on shows that are on the DSTV Family bouquet.

What to do to get DSTV Catch Up

You can get DSTV Catchup if you use DSTV Now. DSTV Now is a great program that allows you to live stream DSTV programs on your phone, computer or tablet. Not only that, but you also get access to DSTV Catch Up.

If you have a PVR decoder, then you can also enjoy DSTV Catch Up. What this means is that you will be able to view shows that correspond to your bouquet.

Is Catch Up Free?

So, back to the question, is DSTV Catch Up free? The answer is; yes, the program is free on the condition that you are up to date with your DSTV subscription. If your subscription is not paid up, then you are not going to be able to watch anything.

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