How to Test Comcast Xfinity Internet Speed

Are you on Comcast’s Xfinity internet? If yes, then a time may come when you need to find out what your internet speed is. Most people worry that they are not getting what they paid for in terms of speed. If you fall into this category, you will want to occasionally check out your speed. The following is how to do an Comcast Xfinity internet speed test;

Comcast Internet Speed Test

You can test the speed of your Comcast Xfinity internet using the company’s own tool. The tool is very easy to use. Just follow the provided link and go the Xfinity Speed Test page. There, click on the Start Test button. The speed of your internet connection will now be measured.

Can this tool be used on any network?

Yes, the Comcast internet speed test tool can be used by anybody in any country. It’s a useful tool to see what your current internet speed is, no matter where you may be located. We have had people use it in Zambia, South Africa and in other parts of the world.

There are many other tools out there

If you don’t like the idea of testing Comcast’s internet using their own tool, you can opt for any one of the hundreds of internet speed testing tools that are out there. Or you could test your speed using a couple of them, just to be sure.

The results that I got do not match my plan

This is where things get a little interesting. There are many cases where, after testing their Comcast Xfinity internet speeds, people discover that what they are paying for is not what they are getting. That becomes an issue if this being shortchanged becomes sustained. So, what does it mean?

Well, truth is, there are many variables that can affect internet speed. At least that’s the answer that you will get should you bother asking your ISP. The following are some of the factors that can potentially lead to people getting internet speeds that are not in sync with what they are paying for;

Number of devices connected at once

This tends to be the single most important factor determining internet speed. The plan that you are paying for does not mean that you can connect an unlimited number of devices. In fact, the more the number of devices that you have connected on your internet, the slower your speed is likely to be. So, if you want to connect more devices, you would need to upgrade to a faster plan.

The nature of the devices

The device that you are using also has a bearing on internet speed. If you are connected to your WiFi using an old gadget that’s not designed for speed, then you will have issues.

Router speed

How fast is your router? Router speed also tends to affect internet speed. To be fair, this is not something that the ordinary person will be able to decode. Fortunately, most people get their hardware (routers etc) from their ISPs.

So, you can assume that you will be getting the best in terms of giving you the speeds that you are paying for. But if you bring your own router to a network, you could end up not having the speeds that you are looking for.

Outdated software

Software on both your router and on your computers, tablets and phones also needs to be updated to take advantage of latest speed related advances.

Why does internet speed matter?

That’s how to test your Xfinity internet speed. But why does internet speed matter? Well, we have already noted that you want to get what you are paying for. Anything less would be an injustice.

Speed is also important considering the bandwidth hunger of the applications in use today. If you want to stream videos or watch Netflix and YouTube, you need internet speeds that are up to scratch.

Otherwise, you will die of frustration while waiting for the page that you are loading to buffer. So, speed is important. It’s what differentiates ordinary internet from broadband.

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