How to Take a Screenshot Windows 10

Are you looking to take screenshots on your Windows 10 computer? Have you been wondering how it can be done? If yes, this article is for you. Knowing how to take screenshots on Windows 10 is definitely a must. It allows you to capture and save everything that’s on your screen at any given point in time. So, how are screenshots taken in Windows 10?

  1. Using the keyboard
  2. Using the snipping tool
  3. Using 3rd party apps on your browser.

Using the keys on your keyboard to take screenshots in Windows 10

This is the first option when it comes to getting screenshots on Windows 10. This option uses a combination of the keys that are on your keyboard to get the job done. If you want to capture screenshots on your computer using this option, all that you need to do is the following;

  • On your keyboard, press on the Windows key
  • Simultaneously press on the “prt sc,” key.

You will notice a momentary darkening of your screen, indicating that the screenshot has been taken. The screenshots that are taken this way are saved in the “Screenshots,” folder in Pictures.

Using the snipping tool to take screenshots in Windows 10

The snipping tool comes native to Windows 10. However, most people are not aware of this handy little tool that’s hidden somewhere in the folds of Windows. To use it, simply search for “snipping tool.” Next, you need to do the following;

  • Open the snipping tool.
  • Click on “New.”
  • Click and hold onto your mouse while selecting the area where you wish the screenshot to be taken.
  • Release your mouse to take the screenshot.
  • If you are satisfied with your screenshot, you can click on the Save icon to save it.

How to take a screenshot Windows 10: Using a 3rd Party add-on

This is the 3rd option for those that are looking to get an image of the screen on Windows 10 computers. To be frank, there are countless screen capture applications out there. You can find some that are free, though they will have limitations in terms of functionality. I use the Firefox browser and use the following free applications;

  • Explain and Send Screenshots
  • Handy Screenshots

How to Add Annotations to screenshot Windows 10

If you are really serious about how to screenshots on Windows 10, you will want an app that allows you to create annotations. You will also want one that allows you to point at objects on the screen. You can see what I mean in the above screenshot. Anyway, hope this information has shown you how to screenshot on Windows 10.

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