How to Reset your DSTV Decoder

Once in a while you may find yourself having to reset your DSTV decoder. DSTV decoders, particularly older models, are not as sophisticated as they could be. Booting one up takes so long that it’s possible to read a story in the newspaper while waiting for the thing to boot up. It’s also not too uncommon to have them throw one error or the other every once in a while. So, what is it that you do when this happens? Do you take your decoder to the nearest DSTV outlet for repairs?

What to do when you encounter problems with your DSTV decoder

The first thing that you need to do when you encounter an error on your DSTV decoder is reset everything. As is the case with most other modern technological gadgets, a simple reset is usually all that is needed to get things back on track.

Steps to Reset your DSTV Decoder

Here is how to reset a DSTV Decoder;

To reset a DSTV Decoder,  send, using your phone, the words RESET to the number 33788.

Will this solve my issue?

If your subscription is up to date, resetting your DSTV decoder is usually enough to get things back on track. However, if you have made your payment, no amount of resetting is going to do anything for you.

Resetting a DSTV decoder

Another way of clearing errors on your DSTV decoder involves resetting the decoder itself. Most of the older decoders come with a reset functionality.

All that you need to do to reset your DSTV decoder is hard press on the power button (the standby button) on the decoder itself. Am not too sure whether or not this works using the remote. Probably not.

Once you have long-pressed on the power button, you decoder will now reboot. If you are lucky, this will resolve any issues that you are having with your decoder.

If everything else fails

Now, if resetting your DSTV decoder via SMS and by long pressing on the power button on the decoder itself fail, the next thing that you should do is get in touch with DSTV. You can do this by calling, but good luck passing by those annoying computers.

You can also look up DSTV Zimbabwe in your Facebook account. Sent them a message describing your problem and your account details and they will usually get back in touch with you in no time. In fact, I have found that I get better results by getting in touch via Facebook as opposed to calling.

That’s it! Feel free to read our article on how you go about upgrading your DSTV package.

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