How to Check when Due for an Upgrade Cell C

Are you a Cell C customer? Are you looking for information on how to check when due for an upgrade on Cell C? If yes, then this article is for you. When you signed up for a Cell C contract and got that shiny new phone, the phone was, well, it was shiny and new. However, the thing about gadgets, in general and phones, in particular, is that they are always being upgraded. You groundbreaking phone now looks like a brick, barely a year later. So, what do you do? The solution is to upgrade.

Am I Due for an Upgrade Cell C?

The following is how to check when due for an upgrade on Cell C in South Africa;

  • Dial *147*9# on your CellC phone. This has to be on the phone for which you are looking for an upgrade on your contract.
  • After you have dialed the above Cell C upgrade status check USSD code, your upgrade date will appear on the screen.
  • You can also check check when due for an upgrade on the Cell C website. Follow the provided link and type in your number.
  • Using the Cell C mobile up, you can also view your upgrade date. Go to your Profile and you will see when you are due for an upgrade.
  • Another option is to walk into your nearest Cell C shop. They will tell you when you are due to get a new phone on Cell C.

When can you upgrade your Cell C phone

The date when you can upgrade your phone on Cell C depends on the contract that you have signed up for. The following is the guideline;

  • At the end of the contract for 6 month contracts.
  • After 11 months for contract of 12 months.
  • In the 16th month if you have an 18-month contract.
  • At month 21 for those on 28 month contracts.

What are the benefits of upgrading?

Upgrading on Cell C comes with a host of advantages. For one thing, it means you will be able to get a new phone. That’s something that we have already talked about. Technology is ever changing and phones are always being renewed.

Most people are not satisfied to remain with an old gadget. They want to move with the times. Hence they are looking for how to check when due for an upgrade on Cell C. They want to find out whether or not they are eligible to receive a new phone.

You may also be interested in upgrading if you have lost your phone or if it has been stolen. That happens a lot in South Africa. We have an article on how to block a stolen phone on Cell C.

Anyway, after you have gone through all the processes, and the grief of having your phone stolen or broken, you will start thinking about upgrading. And yes, a stolen phone is a good excuse for upgrading.

So, knowing how to check when you can upgrade on Cell C is crucial. You may also be interested in learning how to listen to your voicemail messages on Cell C. Also check the Cell C nite data times.

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