How to Reset a TP Link WiFi Router

TP link appears to be the brand of choice when it comes to WiFi routers. If you have WiFi in your home, chances are high that it’s using a TP Link router. If that is the case, chances are also high that you will wish, at some point in time, to reset the router. This usually is necessary should you encounter problems on the router. I have previously written an article in which I talk about changing the WiFi password on a TP link ADSL router. So, how do you reset a TP Link WiFi router?

Resetting a TP Link ADSL router

In order to reset a TP link ADSL router, you need to do the following;

  1. Go to where the router is.
  2. Lift the router and turn it around.
  3. At the back, you will be able to see a small hole that has “reset,” written on it.
  4. Find  something that fits into the hole and press down for about 10 seconds. This can be a piece of wire, a toothpick on anything else.
  5. That’s it. Now your TP link ADSL router will be reset to default settings.

Do I lose my settings when I reset my TP link ADSL router?

Yes, you lose all your setting when you reset your ADSL router. That’s because the process of resetting is similar to what happens when you restore factory settings on your keyword. When you reset your WiFi router, it goes back to factory settings. You will then need to re-enter all your settings in order to get connectivity. What this means is that you should not resort to resetting your router if you do not have these settings. Otherwise, you will have to get someone from your ISP to give you the settings.  

Why would I need to Reset a TP Link WiFi Router?

I have already mentioned that you may need to reset your WiFi router should it begin to give you problems. Another scenario where you may wish to reset a WiFi router would be if you bought it used and it has somebody else’s settings. Resetting allows you to start afresh and enter your own settings.

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