How to Register for Econet’s Self Care Service *111#

Are you looking for information on how to register for the Econet Self Care Service. The *111# service is very useful for transferring airtime and unblocking your pin. It’s also useful for verifying that your registration details with Econet are correct. You can also use *111# to retrieve numbers on Airtime cards that you may have accidentally over-scratched.

Steps to register for Econet’s Self Care Service

The following are the steps that ECONET users should follow to register for the Self Care Service facility;

  • On your phone, dial *111#
  • Choose Option 1: User registration
  • Reply yes to indicate you have read T and s
  • Enter pin
  • confirm pin
  • Enter memorable word
  • Confirm memorable word
  • You will now receive notification that your *111# pin has now been saved successfully

Why bother registering *111#?

Like most other companies out there, Econet has been moving many of it’s services towards Self Care. What it means is that you will be able to do a lot without needing to visit your nearest Econet shop or to get on the phone with Econet Customer Care. So, this is a huge benefit for Econet customers. That’s particularly the case if you have ever had to wait in line to be served in an Econet shop. The service can take hours, so the Econet Self Care Service is something for which everybody should register. You may also check out our article on Econet Internet Settings for Android devices.

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