How to load non Kindle Books onto a Kindle device

Loading the books that you buy on Amazon onto your Paperwhite is a simple matter of getting your device connected to the internet. But, how do you go about loading non Kindle books on that newly acquired Kindle Paperwhite that you have been trying out over the past few days?

load non Kindle Books onto a Kindle device

Am I allowed to load non Kindle Books onto the Paperwhite?

This is the first question that many Kindle owners ask themselves. Are you allowed to load non Kindle books onto the Paperwhite? Now, we all know that books can be sourced from a wide range of legitimate sources. However, there are also non legitimate ways through which you can acquire books.

Many do not think of it as stealing, but, well, we are not here to moralize. Needless to say that most people are afraid that should they load pirated books onto their Kindles, Amazon will immediately detect them and will penalize them by wiping clean their devices.

Yes, its allowed

To the above question, the answer is, yes, you are allowed to load non Kindle Books onto a Kindle device. The fact that books can be acquire from many legitimate sources makes it impossible for Amazon to police the books that are on your device. Indeed, doing so would probably be illegal.

Loading books onto your Kindle

The first thing that you are going to need to do when you get non Kindle eBooks is convert them to Mobi. This is the format that’s compatible with Kindle devices. You can do the conversion using any of the hundreds of tools that are available online.

Assuming that the books that you wish to load onto the Kindle Paperwhite are on your computer, you will then need to connect your device to your PC using the data cable that came with the gadget. You will then be able to send the books from your computer to the Paperwhite.

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