How to get a ZINARA tollgate card

My brother told me the story one day of how playing the Good Samaritan came back to haunt him. He had a tollgate card from work that he was always bragging about. So, on this day, he was driving from Zimbabwe and at one of the tollgates in South African, he joined a queue where the line was being held up by another motorist who apparently did not have enough money for the tollgate. You know, that happens sometimes.

Anyway, being the good Samaritan that he was and being in a hurry, my brother used his own card to pay the tollgate fees for the poor guy. Anyway, the line then began to move along. When he finally arrived at the tollgate, my brother handed over the card from work and lo-and-behold, it couldn’t be used on any of the machines. And my brother neither had another card nor cash to settle the tollgate fees.

Apparently, the thing had been set up so that it could only be used once within a certain time frame. Anyway, that is South Africa for you. Zimbabwe didn’t have tollgates back then, but it does now. And one of the things that I am constantly being asked by people regards the availability of ZINARA tollgate cards. Where and how can you get them?

Getting and using a ZINARA tollgate card

In order to get a ZINARA tollgate card, you need to take the following steps;

  1. Buy the card from your nearest ZINARA provincial offices.
  2. The card can also be bought at some tollgates around the country.
  3. After purchase, your vehicle’s registration details will need to be captured on the prepaid card. Trying to use it on an unregistered vehicle will not work.
  4. Load the card with cash before approaching a tollgate.
  5. When you get to the tollgate, the card will be scanned with the required amount being automatically deducted.

Who manufactures the ZINARA tollgate cards?

ZINARA tollgate cards are manufactured by ICEcash, a company that specializes in the provision of payment solutions in Zimbabwe. This is also the same company that developed the system that allows people to pay their tollgate fees using ECOCASH.


  1. Can one buy the tollgate card at the tollgate in between Chegutu & Harare and if so at what price?.

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