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  1. The balance shown on my prepaid ZESA meter does not change daily any longer. The visible figure remains the same every day. I tried dialing 801 but connect fail appears. What else can I do?

  2. There are no numbers showing on prepaid ZESA meter except a series of dashes( ===). I put in 801 enter and connect shows until it goes off. I recharged put in the token number it just read connect and went back to (—–)

  3. Hey. That’s probably because you have a different type of meter than the one described above. Check on the meter to see the correct code for your meter. Or check on this article.

    1. You need to go next door wonoconnecta meter yacho. I am assuming kuti magetsi acho anga aperesesa. If that is the case, you need a power connection to be able to recharge your meter. If you have power yet your meter is not turning on, then it’s something else.

  4. I have a faulty zesa recharge gadget Itron. I long reported this to Zesa Chinhoyi but they are reluctant or ignorant to at least come and assess it.

    What can I do.?

  5. Kindly check my electricity balance
    Meter number 01620040178
    My gadget doesn’t show numbers.

    Thank you

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