How to Check Voicemail on Vodacom South Africa

Do wish to learn how to check your voicemail messages on Vodacom in South Africa? If yes, then you have come to the right place. The voicemail facility is really useful. It allows people to send you voice messages whenever your phone cannot be reached. Perhaps you are in an area where there is no network. Or maybe you have put your phone on silent while attending a meeting. Whatever your reasons for being unavailable, the good news is that people can still leave you audio messages that you can retrieve at later times. But how do you listen to Voicemail on Vodacom? Read on to find out;

  1. How to check Vodacom voicemail messages
  2. Learn how to activate Voicemail on Vodacom

How Listen to Voicemail Messages on Vodacom South Africa

To check your voicemail messages on Vodacom South Africa, you need to take the following steps;

  1. Dial 132 on your phone to retrieve your voicemail messages on Vodacom.
  2. Afterwards you will be told whether or not there are any more voicemail messages in your inbox.

The Importance of Voicemail

That’s how to listen to Voicemail on Vodacom in South Africa. Voicemail can be a really useful feature that is rather underutilized by South Africans. That’s particularly the case if you are the busy type. You know how it is with some people. Sometimes they don’t even have the time to breath, let alone to answer calls from everybody that’s looking to get in touch with them.

Having people leave a voicemail is good because it means you will be able to decide later whether or not a call from somebody warrants further investigation. Some people out there will just want to call your for seemingly frivolous reasons. That’s particularly the case if you are famous. So, you will be able to decide who to call back and who to ignore by listening to your voicemails.

Anyway, that’s how to check your voicemail messages on Vodacom. You may also be interested in how to transfer Vodacom airtime. Also check out our article on how to view your Vodacom airtime balance.

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