How to Change WiFi Password Spark

Do you wish to learn how to change the WiFi password on your Spark router? If yes, then we will show you how it’s done in this article. Spark one of the biggest players in New Zealand’s telecommunications sector. If you are one of the company’s customers, it is advisable for you to periodically change the WiFi password on your router. That way, you will be able to keep your family safe amidst the many dangers that lurk across the internet. In this article we take a look at the main types of routers in use among Spark customers. Click on any of the links below to jump to the section that’s applicable to you;

Change Spark WiFi password on a Technicolor TG582n modem

The Technicolor TG582n is the first type of router that’s in common use among Spark New Zealand customers. To change the WiFi password on a Technicolor TG582n modem, you need to take the following steps;

  1. To get started, switch on your computer and make sure that it is connected to the Spark WiFi network whose password you wish to change.
  2. Next, you need to open any browser on your computer.
  3. In the address bar type in and press enter.
  4. You will now be taken to the admin login page for your Technicolor modem. Log in using the default username and password.
  5. The default username for a Technicolor TG582n router is Administrator.
  6. The default password is blank (don’t type anything in).
  7. In your modem’s admin dashboard, go to Wireless.
  8. Next, click on Configure to the top right of your screen.
  9. Next, go to the WPA Pre-Shared Key or WiFi section. This is where you change your Spark WiFi password.
  10. Save your changes by clicking on Apply.
  11. You will now need to reconnect all your devices to your network using the new WiFi password.

Change Spark WiFi Password on a Huawei HG659 Router

The Huawei HG659 is another router model that you are likely to find in use among Spark customers in New Zealand. If you have this type of modem in your home, the following is how to change your Spark WiFi password;

  1. Connect your computer to the Spark WiFi network whose password you wish to change.
  2. Open a browser on your computer and type in If that does not work try
  3. Press Enter when done.
  4. You will now need to log into your router using the default username and password.
  5. The default username for a Huawei HG659 router is admin.
  6. The default password is also admin.
  7. If that does not work, try user for Username and HuaweiUser for the password. Otherwise find the correct details on a sticker on your router.
  8. In your router’s admin dashboard, click on Home Network.
  9. From there, click on WLAN Settings.
  10. Next, click on WLAN Encryption
  11. Now go to the WPA pre-shared key section and change the WiFi password.
  12. When done, click on Save and reconnect all your gadgets to your Spark WiFi using the new password.

Important Tips to those looking to Change WiFi Password Spark

Hope the above information has shown you how to change your Spark WiFi password. One thing that we need to note, however, is that there are many types of routers and modems out there. We have only looked at a couple here. However, you may find that you have another type in your home or office. What do you do in that case? Well, the tips below should help show you the way;

Steps to change WiFi passwords are almost the same

We have written quite a number of articles in this series over the past few months. One thing that we have noted is that there are not that many differences in the ways in which to change WiFi passwords. It doesn’t matter the country that you may be in and the router that you may use. Generally speaking, if you know how to do it on one modem, you won’t have trouble doing it on any other.

If you want to confirm what we are talking about, you can check out our article on how to change BT WiFi password. BT is in the United Kingdom. Also check out or article on Cara Mengganti Password WiFi Indihome Fiber. You will see that the steps are pretty much similar. But what are these steps?

Steps to change the WiFi password on any router or modem

There is nothing mysterious about changing your Spark WiFi password. Anybody can learn how to do it. In fact, everybody should learn how to do it! That way, you will be able to protect you and your family amidst the challenges of the internet age. Anyway, to change the WiFi password on any modem that’s out there, you are generally going to have to do the following;

  • First, you need to find out what the default I.P address is.
  • Then you need to find out what the default username is.
  • You need to find what the default password is.

Where can I find all this information?

With the above information you should be able to change WiFi password Spark without any problem. Once you have the required information, you can log into your router’s admin section, where you can do a Spark WiFi password change.  As noted, this is nothing mysterious. But where do you find all this information. Most people spend minutes looking on Google and elsewhere for the login details for their Spark modems. However that is not necessary.

All the information that you need to log into your Spark modem’s admin page can be found on a sticker on the device itself. All that you need to do is to turn the router around or to look underneath. There, you will find the default username and password. You will also find the default I.P for your Spark modem. However, this may be in the form of a web address. If that is the case, don’t worry. Simply use that to log into your router’s admin area.

What if I have changed the admin password for my Spark router?

This is what sometimes happens. People change their modems’ admin passwords. That is actually the right thing to do because it adds to your networks’ protection. However, because the admin password is hardly ever used, people tend to forget these passwords. And the next time that they need to change their Spark WiFi passwords, they seemingly hit a brick wall.

However, the good news is that you can recover from this situation. All that you need to do is to reset your modem. On almost all the modems that are out there, you need to simply turn around the gadget and you will see a pinhole button somewhere on there. Find something with which to press on it for up to 10 seconds. Your router will now be reset to the defaults and you can log in using the information that’s provided on the sticker that we have just been talking about.

You should use a strong password for your Spark WiFi

Presumably the reason why you set out to learn how to change WiFi password Spark is because you wish to protect yourself and your family. However, many people then go on to do the opposite, by replacing their passwords with weak passwords. You should try to avoid this at all costs and the tips that we give below should help you in this regard;

  • A strong password should have no less than 10 characters. If you use fewer characters, it will be easy for hackers and neighbors to guess what your WiFi password is.
  • It’s also advisable to use special characters in your password. Special characters include &^#@%! and *.
  • Make sure that your new Spark WiFi password has bOth upPer and lower chaRacTers. Again, this will help confuse things. Passwords are case sensitive.
  • Don’t use your family names and birthdays as your WiFi password. This may appear to be the easiest thing to do from the point of view of remembering your password. However, people who know you well will be able to easily break into your network.

Hide your WiFi network

Still on the subject of protecting yourself and your family online, one way of achieving this aim is by hiding your WiFi network. The thinking behind this is that if people do not know that you have internet in your home or office, they won’t be motivated to gain entry in an illegal manner. Once you have hidden your network, only people who know both the WiFi name and password can sign in.

Why should you bother changing your Spark WiFi Password?

We will close this article with a little bit of motivation. Spark customers across New Zeeland are searching for information on how to change their WiFi passwords on a daily basis. But why is that the case? Aren’t the default passwords good enough? Well, the following are some of the reasons why you may find yourself having to change your WiFi password for Spark;

Perhaps the neighbors have compromised your WiFi password

This is probably the biggest reason why people set out to change WiFi password Spark. One thing that we have discovered while researching for this article is that people out there are on the hunt for free WiFi. And they are out to get it by whatever means. A common search term on Google is; “how to hack my neighbor’s WiFi.”

So, those neighbors that you may think are so neighborly are actually busy trying to steal your internet. In many instances, they use guile to get what they are looking for. Perhaps you have used your kids’ birthdays as your password. Neighbors who have known you for quite a bit will find this rather easy to break into.

Or perhaps they send their kids over to try to ferret the password from your own kids. This is something that’s common, as highlighted in movies. If you have more cunning neighbors, they will hack into your WiFi network the brute force way.

However, they do it, the next thing that you will notice, your WiFi will have become very slow. Or perhaps your data will no longer be going the extra mile. If you are on a limited plan, you may end up receiving a fair usage warning from your ISP. That’s because once they get hold of free WiFi, people start downloading funny videos from all over the internet. Should you suspect that this is happening to you, then it will be time for you to learn how to change Spark WiFi password.

Change Spark WiFi Password to guard against hackers

That’s the second reason for wanting to periodically change your WiFi password. It’s advisable not to use a password forever. Instead, you should change it from time to time. That way, people will have fewer chances of hacking into your network. Otherwise, you are going to end up losing much more than your data.

Hackers are after your family’s important data, and routers can serve as gateways into your home through which they can steal everything that they want. To protect yourself, you need to periodically do a Spark WiFi password change. Another way of securing your router is through the use of a VPN.

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