How much should I pay for a used Ex-Jap in Zimbabwe?

This is a question that many in the country are confronted with on a daily basis. How much money should you pay for an ex-jap that has been used for a while in the country? Like everything else, however, the answer is not that simple. However, here are a few pointers;

  1. It depends on how long the car has been driven in the country. Generally speaking, the more years that a car has been driven on the country’s roads, the more likely that it will have developed some problems, particularly when it comes to the suspension. Indeed, the suspension is something that you seriously need to have checked when it comes to buying any car that has been driven on Zimbabwe’s roads.
  2. The amount that you will pay for a used Japanese vehicle that has been driven in Zimbabwe is also going to depend on the type of car that you wish to get. This should be obvious enough. A Land Cruiser is going to cost more than a Corolla, generally speaking.
  3. Another factor when it comes to prizing for exjaps that are sold in Zimbabwe is the vehicle’s age. Indeed, a ten year old car will, everything else being equal, cost less than a five year old car.
  4. The mechanical condition of the car is also going to be a factor when it comes to the amount that you will end up paying when buying a car in Zimbabwe. In fact, we advise our readers never to buy a car that is not mechanically sound. You will only end up hating that car. You may also begin to get marital problems because of such a car.

Carry out Research Before Buying a Used Car

Before buying a car that has been driven in Zimbabwe, you first need to carry out research to find out how much such a vehicle will cost to get here from Japan. Once you have the landing price, inclusive of duty, remove about half of that amount and start negotiating from there. A Corolla Bubble, as an example, lands in Zimbabwe at around $6000. After this car has been driven around Zimbabwe, the seller will probably ask for around $5000 for this car.

However, you, as a buyer, should never agree to this amount. Indeed, if you have USD $5000, just look for $1000 and buy a new car from Japan. A fair amount for the car in our example, if it has been driven around for over a year, is around $3500 or $4000. This means that the car will have depreciated by almost half from the time of its purchase. Indeed, the amount that we give above is rather generous, and considers the fact that the Bubble is rather popular in Zimbabwe and, therefore, tends to retain its value. It’s important, in any case, for you to carry out research before buying a car that has been driven in Zimbabwe.

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