Comcast Xfinity Overage Fees

What are the Comcast Xfinity data overage fees? Comcast has a data cap in the majority of States in which it operates. There were plans to add more States to the list. Comcast caps data on some Xfinity packages at 1.2 terabytes per month. If you go over this, you will have to pay an overage fee. According to the company, the majority of people never actually get near the cap. But there are a few who do so. These people are encouraged to go for the Unlimited Data Option. So, how much are you charged should you go over the 1.2 terabyte Comcast Xfinity data cap?

Xfinity Data Overage Charge

The Comcast Xfinity data overage charge is $10 for 50 megabytes. However, Comcast provides you with a courtesy month, during which you are not charged anything for going over the data limit. So, the first month that you go over the 1.2 terabyte market, you will not be charged anything.

However, the next time that you do so, you will be given 50 megabytes of data, for which you will be charged $10. Should you exhaust that, you will be given another 50 megabytes for which you will also be charged $10. This will go on for any subsequent data that you are given within that month.

Comparing Comcast overage charges with others in the industry

So, how does Comcast compare with other companies in terms of overage charges? We have previously written on Verizon overage charges. In the table below, we compare Comcast with other companies in the United States in terms of the amounts that they charge for exceeding data limits;

CompanyOverage charge
Comcast$10 for 50 GB
Buckeye$10 for 50 GB
SpectrumNo overage fee
Mediacom$10 for 50 GB
Sparklight$10 for 100 GB
Cox$10 for 50 GB

As you can see, most companies charge the same in terms of overage fees. Buckeye, Cox and Mediacom are in the same league as Comcast. They charge $10 for 50 GB. Then there is Sparklight which charges $10 for 100GB. Other companies, such as Spectrum and CenturyLink have no overage charges at all. So, these are probably the companies that you need to check out if you are worried about going over your data limit.


Those are the Comcast Xfinity overage fees. So, should you be worried? As Comcast states, most people are never going to go over 1 terabyte of data usage. So, you probably don’t have to worry. However, if you are a heavy user, you may want to look for a truly unlimited data plan. We say “truly unlimited,” because some plans have fine print. They may say they are unlimited but you will be capped somehow. So, look for a truly unlimited data plan.

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