Check Website Traffic in your WordPress Dashboard

If you have recently created a WordPress website, the good news is that you have joined the hundreds of millions of people who have already gone down this road. WordPress is, without a doubt, the most famous Content Management System in the world. This fame has its reason; WordPress is one of the easiest Website creation tools that you are likely to come across. In any case, if you are using WordPress, there is an easy way through which you can check website traffic;

Check Website Traffic from the WordPress Dashboard

One of the greatest things about WordPress is that it allows you to check out the number of visitors that you have been receiving through the Dashboard.

All that you need to do in order to do so is sign into the backend of your site. You will immediately be taken to the Dashboard, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Site Stats

If you scroll down to somewhere in the middle of the above screen, you will come across the Site Stats section. This section allows you to check website traffic without having to resort to any of the tools that can be found out there. The Site Stats Section gives you a 15 day overview of how the traffic has been flowing to your site.

Top Searches

Not only that, but you also get an overview into the search terms for which you have been ranking on that particular day.

This is of particular importance, since it allows you to see the keywords for which you have been performing well and to make refinements in your Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Top Posts

The Site States section also lists your blog or website’s top posts. You will, inevitably, have a few top performing articles on your site. Having this kind of information allows you to identify whatever it is that you need to do to make refinements to each one of your blog posts.

View All

Clicking on View All in the Sites Stats section takes you to a page where you can check out even more of your site’s traffic. Here, you get the following information;

  • A monthly view of your site’s traffic
  • Your site’s referrers
  • Subscriptions
  • Top Posts and Pages
  • Clicks: The clicks that were made on outbound links from your site.

More Stats on

You get more information on traffic to your WordPress sites by  clicking on the “Show Me” button that is towards the top left corner of the Site Stats screen. This will take you to the screen, where you can view statistics on all your WordPress sites.

Rank Tracking is one of the most important activities that should be carried out on any website. You can read more about website rank checkers in this article.

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