Celcom Airtime Transfer in Malaysia: How to do it

Are you looking to do a Celcom to Celcom airtime credit transfer? If yes, then this article shows you how it’s done. Celcom is, without doubt, one of the leading telecommunications companies in the whole of Malaysia. If you are one of the company’s pay as you go customers, you will be pleased to note that you can quickly and easily send airtime to friends and family. This is made possible by Celcom’s Airtime Share Credit Transfer System. Below is how to send airtime to others on the Celcom network;

How to do an Celcom Airtime Transfer via USSD

The easiest way to do a Celcom airtime transfer is via USSD. All that you need to do to get started is the following;

  1. On your phone dial *365*3#l.
  2. Next, select the option to Transfer Credit.
  3. Follow the on screen prompts to complete the transaction.

How to transfer Celcom Airtime via SMS

To do an airtime transfer on Celcom via SMS, you need to take the following steps;

  1. Go to Messages on your Celcom phone.
  2. Type in the amount of airtime to be send.
  3. Next, press send and then type in number of the recipient prefixed by 1.
  4. As an example, you will send the message RM5 and then send the message to 10195432456.

Why Credit Share is useful

The credit share facility is actually very useful. However, it doesn’t appear to be widespread, save in Africa. There, people routinely share airtime with friends and family. We have previously shown how it’s done for Cell C in South Africa and for Airtel in Nigeria. Within the developed world, Malaysia is an exception. There are times when you are stranded and you don’t have airtime. What do you do in that case? Well, you can simply request for airtime from those closest to you using the steps outlined in the article in the provided link.

When your friends receive your request, they will then send you the required airtime. However, you may need to use this facility sparingly, or at least spread it among your friends. If you are the only one that requests airtime all the time, you could soon exhaust their patience. Anyway, that’s all beside the point. The fact that there is the Celcom airtime transfer facility at all is indicative of the kind of warmth that we have as Malaysians.

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