Can I Use DSTV Now if I do not have DSTV at Home?

DSTV Now is a great way through which you can watch your favorite shows on the go on your phone or on your desktop or laptop. Most people want to know whether or not they can use DSTV Now if they do not have DSTV in their homes. Others wish to know if it’s possible to use DSTV Now with an expired DSTV subscription. The answer will surprise you;

You can register for DSTV Now even without a DSTV subscription

Yes, it’s possible to register for DSTV Now without having a DSTV subscription. Even if you do not have DSTV in your home, you can still register for DSTV Now.

You only get the Weather Channel

Thing is, however, that registering for DSTV Now without a DSTV subscription only gives you the Weather Channel. While that is great for checking out the weather, it hardly qualifies as entertainment.

You need a VALID DSTV Subscription to get more channels on DSTV Now

Thing is, you need to have a valid DSTV subscription to get anything useful on DSTV Now. That’s because DSTV Now gives you the same channels that are on your DSTV subscription. If, as an example, you have a DSTV Premium subscription, then you will get DSTV premium channels. If on the other hand, you have a DSTV Access subscription, you will only get channels that are on the DSTV Access bouquet.

You lose DSTV Now Channels if your subscription lapses

If you do not pay your DSTV Now subscription, then you will also lose the channels that are on your DSTV Now. You will only remain with the Weather Channel. So, to conclude, yes, you can register for DSTV Now even if you do not have DSTV in your home. However, you will not get any useful content. To get that, you need to have a DSTV subscription. Once you have that, you can link your DSTV Account to your DSTV Now and you will be able to watch all the channels that are in your bouquet.

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