Best Android Browser for Saving Data

Are you on a limited data plan? Are you looking for the best Android browsers for saving data? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This article gives you tips on the best browser that you can use without having to worry about running out of data within a short space of time. There are many browsers out there that promise data savings. But based on my research, only one of them is able to deliver on that promise. So, what’s the best Android browser for saving data?

The Opera Mini is the Best Android Browser for Data Saving

The Opera Mini is, without doubt, the best Android browser for saving data. If like me, you have an obsession with making data savings, then you will know that Opera Mini beats them all in this regard. But why is that the case? How does Opera Mini work?

Data Compression

The secret behind Opera Mini’s marvelous ability to save data lies in the fact that Opera servers first compress data before bringing it to your device. So, when you make a request for “best android browser for saving data,” as an example, the results do not just come directly to your Smartphone or tablet. Instead, they are first delivered to Opera servers. This is where the magic happens. They get stripped of all the things that needlessly bloat web pages. The result is a slimmer version of the original.

How much are the savings when using Opera Mini?

The amounts of data that you save when using Opera Mini are huge. I mean, HUGE! I, as an example, have managed to save up to 92% of data on my tablet. That’s over 2.1GB in savings. Clearly Opera Mini does wonders.

Save even more by disabling images

Now, if you wish to go further in your data saving crusade, then you can do so by disabling the loading of images on the Opera Mini browser. Images, it has to be said, eat up a large chunk of the data on an average device. By disabling images, you make sure that only the content that you are looking for is loaded. A few websites, however, will not work when this option is chosen. I have noticed on my device that Gmail on the Opera Mini will not work when I have set my data settings at “Extreme,” with images at “Off.”  So, I usually set the mode at “High,” when I need to load Gmail.

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