How old is too old for a Used Japanese Car

A large chunk of the cars that are being driven on Africa’s roads are second hand imports from Japan. Used Japanese vehicles are popular on the continent for a large number of reasons, not least of which is the fact that they allow people who would otherwise not have had the chance to own a vehicle to have a new car of their own. So, how old is too old for a used Japanese Car? What’s the best age for a used Japanese car?

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Ex-Japs: Age is but a number

When it comes to used Japanese vehicles, the adage that age is nothing but a number actually holds true. That is something that we actually need to get out of the way beforehand. Age, in most instances, has nothing to do with whether or not a vehicle is in good condition.

It’s quiet possible for you to find a car that is more than ten years old, but one that has been so well maintained that it will be in a better condition than one that is five years old.

How old is my own ex-jap?

The Toyota Corolla that I drive is from way back in the year 2000. That’s 18 years ago. In spite of this, I have had virtually no problem with this vehicle in the 3 years that I have owned it. It has never suffered any major mechanical problems in the 18 years that it has been around. 

Cars are build to last

The truth of the matter is that cars, in today’s world, are build to last. Indeed, there are cars being sold on Be Forward today from the 90s!

I wouldn’t buy a car from the 90s

Having said that, I do have to say that I won’t buy a car from the 90s, whatever the condition. I mean, one has to draw the line somewhere, and having a car that’s would have been old enough to get married and to vote had it been human is a bit scary. Indeed, my advice to my readers is that, price allowing, they look for cars from 2005 onward.

The younger the better

As a general rule, the advice that I give to my readers is that they should, all other things being equal, opt for younger cars. These, usually, have been driven less and have not been abused as much as their old counterparts. However, as mentioned at the top, it’s not simply about the best age for a used Japanese car. What you end up buying is going to depend on the condition of the respective vehicles.

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