AdSense Payment Date

If you are new to AdSense, you may be wondering when you are going to be paid. AdSense is probably the best website monetization program that can be found out there. It’s what we use on this website. Therefore, we are well placed to tell you what to expect from AdSense in terms of payment dates. So, what’s the AdSense payment date?

Here is how to check your AdSense earnings on you phone.

Google AdSense Payment Date

Google AdSense sends payouts to publishers once every month. The AdSense payment date falls between the 21st and the 26th of the month. However, in order to get paid, you are going to need to have reached the minimum payment threshold. At the moment, the minimum amount for AdSense payouts is $100. If your earnings are less than this at the time when payouts are made, then you will have to wait for the next cycle.

Is it possible to ask for payment earlier than the AdSense payment date?

No, AdSense will not release payouts to you at any other time other than during the AdSense payment dates. The above is the Google AdSense payment date for every country, from India to the United States and Zimbabwe. There are no exceptions and no excuses. So, you are going to need to be patient. The AdSense payment release date is as given above and you cannot ask to be paid earlier.

One thing that I have noticed in my experience is that there are some months when I fail to reach the threshold. At the end of the next month, I finally get more than $100. However, I do not get paid on the first of the month. I actually have to wait till between 21 and 26 to get paid. So, you should probably not have any hard and fast plans for your AdSense earnings. They will come when they come.

Improving your AdSense earnings

Hope the information provided about the AdSense payment date is useful to you. The AdSense payment schedule is pretty strict, but after a while, you should get used to how things are. That’s important for the purposes of planning. I will close this article by talking about improving your AdSense earnings. Mostly, this has to do with traffic. If you have more earnings, you will earn more. It also has to do with placement of Ads. Talk to me if you want to know how I optimized my ad placement and achieved 200% improvement in my revenue. Target keywords also have an impact on AdSense earnings. If you target high value keywords, you will earn more per click.

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