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If you have ever had to manage a large group of writers, you will understand what a hustle it can be to do so through email. For one thing, how are you going to check if they have stuck to your guidelines? With so many people working for you, checking on the quality of their work can be rather time consuming. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a piece of writer management software somewhere that you could use to manage your writers? This is where Write Aid comes into play.

Write Aid Writer Management Software

The good news is that you can now simplify the process of managing your writers with the help of Write Aid.  As you will see in the rest of this article, there are many benefits that accrue from the use of a writer management software.

Who can benefit from Writer Management Services?

So, who exactly stands to benefit from the use of a writer management platform, such as Write Aid? As it turns out, many groups of people;

Bloggers and Webmasters

If you are a blogger, you may have been the only writer at the time of the launch of your site. However, as many people have found out, blogging can exert its toll, both in terms of time and mental fatigue. While there is debate on the frequency with which bloggers should update the content that is on their sites, there is some agreement that it should be at least once per week.

However, an ideal frequency that many people try to stick to is once per day. This can, no doubt, have a devastating effect on you as an individual, particularly if you have to push yourself to be productive. What many people have found out is that it is better and easier to outsource writing, using Freelancing sites such as Upwork and Freelancer. Here you will find millions of people who are willing to produce articles for you at reasonable rates (extortionist rates, from the point of view of the freelancers).

While it would be easy to manage just one writer, the situation gets complicated if you have two or more writers. This is where the online article writer management system, Write Aid, comes into play. It automates the writer management process and makes it possible for them to increase their productivity.

News Agencies

Today, almost every newspaper in the world has an online presence. The internet has made is possible for news agencies to deploy reporters to every corner of the world, from Baghdad to Bujumbura, and from New York to Harare.

However, managing the articles that are sent out by these writers can be a difficult task, which is why having a Writers and Articles management platform can be a life saver.

Write Aid ensures that every article that is sent out to you is up to standard, thus reducing the time that you would, otherwise, have spent on  revisions. In fact, with this program, you are guaranteed that you and your writers will save hours of work.

Write Aid Writer Management Software Features

Write Aid comes with a long list of features, all of which have been designed to maximise on both your efficiency and that of your writers;

See How Productive Your Writers Have Been

The Write Aid program allows you measure to productivity of your writers, by showing you the number of articles that each has produced in a given day. You are also shown the word count for each of the articles.

Separate Account for each writer

Whatever the number of writers under your fold, each one is, under the Write Aid system, assigned an account, which enables you to monitor the work that is being done by individual writers. The best thing is that it does not even take them long to have their accounts created. They can, thus, start writing within a short space of time.

Your Writers Manage Themselves

Another great thing about Write Aid is that under the system, you don’t have to spend hours macro managing your writers. With this system, each writer is his or her own manager. Now, how is this possible?

Claimable Articles System

With the Write Aid writer management program you can either assign articles to individual writers, or have your writers choose what they wish to work on from a list of articles.

This is a departure from other article writer management tools, that only give you the option to assign a particular number of articles to each of your writers, without having the options where they can choose the articles that they are themselves comfortable with.


As mentioned earlier, some people out there manage their writers using email, spreadsheets and online file storage services such as Google Docs. However, none of these methods is as efficient as Write Aid. This is the only writer management system that frees both your time and that of your writers, who no longer have to spend hours revising unsatisfactory work.

As an example, the Write Aid article and writer management software allows you to assign specific keywords to your writers. Should they try to submit work that do not have the keywords, the system will tell them that there is something that still needs to be looked at in their work. The same applies if they try to submit work that is below the set length.

Integrated into Copyscape

Finally, one of the greatest things about Write Aid is, in my view, the fact that the system can be integrated into Copyscape. What this means is that should any of your writers copy content from the internet, you can easily detect the plagiarism. This is of particular importance, considering that Search Engines now penalize, with a low rank, pages that have been overtly plagiarized.

Free 30 Day Trial

The good news is that you can try out Write Aid’s writer management software for free by clicking on the banner below. This 30 day trials should enable you to test out this amazing piece of writer management software.

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