Guest Posts Suck

When I started blogging, I tried to push as many Guest Posts as possible to other websites. If you are not in the know, Guest Posts are a much vaunted Search Engine Optimization tool. That’s largely because they allow you to get backlinks, which are used to Search Engines when ranking a web page. Most of my attempts to get my articles published on other sites were rebuffed. That really got me angry. However, now that I have been in the game for some time, I understand why most sites will not accept Guest Posts. The reason for this has to do with the fact that most Guest Posts suck; and that’s putting it mildly.

People are just too lazy

It takes me about 30 minutes to write a 500 word article on my own. I know, I am rather atypical in this regard, largely because I have a computer typing speed of around 75 words per minute. It bothers me then, when it comes to the Guest Posts that are submitted to my site, that most people are just too lazy to write good quality content. The result is that they do the following;

  1. They plagiarize content from other sites
  2. They submit content in bad English
  3. They Lie

Most Guest Posts are Plagiarized

One of the things that make Guest Posts suck is that most of the content that is submitted is plagiarized. Never mind the fact that Guest Posts are accepted as a public service to other bloggers. People out there will still get you penalized by Google and other Search Engines by giving you content that is wholly transplanted from other sites.

All they care about is getting their precious backlinks! They do not care that by giving me content that is overtly copied, I may end up losing my SEO ranking. That would be palatable if they were actually paying me to have their posts published on my site! But to show gratitude for a free service by compromising my blog! I am right on the brink of banning Guest Posts, I tell you!

Most guest posts are in bad English

Now, I don’t have anything against Pakistanis or Indians, but I have discovered that the Guest posts that I get from over there are just bad, when it comes to the English language. Well, the English language here is even badder, if there is such a word, but I am talking about the people who are trying to get their Guest posts published on my site. I mean, you should read some of the things that are submitted to this blog!

Automatic Article Rewording Software

Now, I am a teacher by profession, and plagiarism is something that I can sniff out from a mile away. A few days ago I got a post, complete with glossy pictures, from someone out there. It stuck me, as I was trying to read the article, that the person had used some content rewording software or the other.

I don’t know if such a think exists, but I could have sworn that synonyms had been automatically generated for most of the words in the article. The article was rather nonsensical, yet interesting to read. I could tell that the language being used was not natural!

Most Guest Posters are Liars

This is another reason why most sites will not accept Guest Posts. Most of the people who apply to have their work published on my site tell me that they have been avid followers of my site for a long time. That’s despite the fact that my site has only been around for a short while, and I know for a fact that I do not have that many followers! If my site was as popular and as good as they say it is, I would have stopped being a teacher long ago!

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