What is a Content Management System (CMS?)

The term Content Management Systems (CMS) is one that we have often used in posts on this blog. If you are a blogger, one thing that you will have heard is that WordPress is one of the best CMSs for creating your website. This article sets out to give a modern definition of what a CMS really is. It also gives several examples of the most used Content Management Systems that can be found out there.  So, what is a Content Management System?

Definition of Content Management Systems

The term Content Management System (CMSes) refers to programs that have been designed specifically for the purposes of creating, editing and storing digital content.

How are Content Management Systems Used?

Content Management systems have two primary uses;

Examples of Content Management Systems

This site is all about blogging and we almost always talk about Content Management Systems in the context of Web Content Management. The following are a few examples of the CMSs that can be found out there; 

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • ATutor   
  •  PHP
  • Backdrop CMS    
  • b2evolution    
  • CMSimple    
  • CMS Made Simple
  • Composr CMS    

Here are the top 20 content management software

What is a Content Management System? WordPress

WordPress is, perhaps, the best known Content Management System that’s in use around the world. About 28.1% of all the websites that can be found out there run on the WordPress platform. Just consider that second placed Joomla runs on 3.3% of all websites, and you will understand how much of an impact WordPress has.

The Importance of Content Management Systems

It used to be that only people who had studied programming and could work with HTML and other languages could create websites. The rest of us could only ogle in awe at the wonders of the Digital World.

Content Management Systems have done away with this system, by enabling everyone, including beginners, to create websites. In fact, you can now get your website up and running in as little as ten minutes using platforms such as Joomla and WordPress. CMSes have, therefore, largely demystified the Digital world.

Hope this article has given you an answer to the question; “What is a Content Management System?” Why not read this article on the World Wide Web to find out more about the Digital World?

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