Vehicle Licence Renewal Costs South Africa 2020

Are you looking for information regarding vehicle licence renewal costs for South Africa? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we take a look at what South Africans across the country are expected to pay when renewing their vehicle licenses. Please note that vehicle license renewal fees in South Africa differ depending on the province in which a car is registered. Weight also plays a part in the vehicle license renewal cost that you are going to have to pay in South Africa. In this article, we will look at the following South African Provinces;

  1. Vehicle Licence Renewal fee KZN
  2. Fee for Vehicle License Renewal Gauteng
  3. Cost of Motor Vehicle Licence Renewal Western Cape
  4. Vehicle License Renewal fee Eastern Cape
  5. Vehicle License Renewal fee Northern Cape
  6. Vehicle Licence Renewal Limpopo Province South Africa
  7. MPUMALANGA Motor Vehicle Licence fees
  8. Vehicle Licence Renewal Fee Free State South Africa
  9. North West Annual Vehicle License Renewal Fee South Africa

How to renew motor vehicle license in South Africa

As is the case in most other countries, motor vehicle licenses in South Africa need to be periodically renewed. For South Africa, that’s done on an annual basis. In other countries such as Zimbabwe, vehicle license renewals are quarterly. Failing to renew your vehicle license on time in South Africa attracts a penalty. Note, however, that you have a grace period of 21 days before this penalty comes into force. The process of renewing your vehicle license in South Africa runs as follows;

  • Go to your Post Office or any other renewal agent.
  • Take along all the required documentation, as specified below.
  • Pay the vehicle licence renewal fee which, in South Africa, varies from province to province.
  • Your application will be processed within a single day and you will get a new license disk.

Where are vehicle licenses renewed in South Africa?

In South Africa, vehicle licenses can be renewed in the following places;

What do I need to renew vehicle license in South Africa?

In order to successfully renew your vehicle licence in South Africa, you need to have the following;

  • An MVL2 (Motor Vehicle Renewal Notice).
  • In case, you have not received one, you should fill out an Application for Licensing of Motor Vehicle (ALV).
  • Your National Identity Documents
  • Proof of residence. If you are bringing a utility bill as your proof of residence, this should be accompanied by an affidavit from the owner of the property.
  • When registering a company car, you need to to bring along a business certificate for your company. You also need a letter of proxy and the identity documentation of proxy.

Vehicle license renewal fees KWAZULU NATAL (KZN) South Africa

What’s are the vehicle license renewal fees for KZN in South Africa? If you live in Kwazulu Natal, the table below shows what you are expected to pay as your annual vehicle license renewal fee. Most people will be interested in the vehicle licence renewal fees for Sedans. Sedans are, by far, the most common vehicles on South Africa’s roads. But how much many kgs does an average Sedan weight? Well, an average sedan weights 1,300kgs. So, based on the vehicle license renewal cost schedule given below, most South Africans in Kwazulu Natal can expect to pay R648 as their vehicle license fees.

ExceedingNot ExceedingRigid Vehicles*Trailers and semi-trailers
0 kg250 kgR252,00R252,00
250 kg500 kgR300,00R300,00
500 kg750 kgR372,00R372,00
750 kg1 000 kgR456,00R456,00
1 000 kg1 250 kgR516,00R516,00
1 250 kg1 500 kgR648,00R648,00
1 500 kg1 750 kgR780,00R780,00
1 750 kg2 000 kgR912,00R912,00
2 000 kg2 250 kgR1 092,00R1 092,00
2 250 kg2 500 kgR1 296,00R1 296,00
2 500 kg2 750 kgR1 506,00R1 506,00
2 750 kg3 000 kgR1 698,00R1 698,00
3 000 kg3 250 kgR1 908,00R3 234,00
3 250 kg3 500 kgR2 166,00R3 594,00
3 500 kg3 750 kgR2 442,00R3 954,00
3 750 kg4 000 kgR2 700,00R4 326,00
4 000 kg4 250 kgR2 982,00R4 698,00
4 250 kg4 500 kgR3 234,00R5 118,00
4 500 kg4 750 kgR3 492,00R5 544,00
4 750 kg5 000 kgR3 762,00R5 970,00
5 000 kg5 250 kgR5 700,00R6 462,00
5 250 kg5 500 kgR6 324,00R6 984,00
5 500 kg5 750 kgR6 906,00R7 464,00
5 750 kg6 000 kgR7 512,00R8 016,00
6 000 kg6 250 kgR8 136,00R8 556,00
6 250 kg6 500 kgR8 784,00R9 138,00
6 500 kg6 750 kgR9 462,00R9 696,00
6 750 kg7 000 kgR10 122,00R10 242,00
7 000 kg7 250 kgR10 800,00R10 800,00
7 250 kg7 500 kgR11 460,00R11 460,00
7 500 kg8 000 kgR12 606,00R12 606,00
8 000 kg8 500 kgR14 160,00R14 160,00
8 500 kg9 000 kgR15 732,00R15 732,00
9 000 kg9 500 kgR17 274,00R17 274,00
9 500 kg10 000 kgR18 924,00R18 924,00
10 000 kg10 500 kgR20 958,00R20 958,00
10 500 kg11 000 kgR23 016,00R23 016,00
11 000 kg11 500 kgR25 080,00R25 080,00
11 500 kg12 000 kgR27 180,00R27 180,00

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