TelOne Introduces New Broadband Packages

If you are a TelOne customer, then here is something to smile about; the company recently boosted its broadband packages, making it one of the cheapest ways through which Zimbabweans can get connected to the internet. Those who have been following this blog will know that the company used to offer a number of packages, whose prices ranged from $15 for a download cap of 2GB, to $150 for the unlimited broadband package.

New Broadband Packages from TelOne

So, what are the new broadband packages from TelOne? Well, TelOne has clearly boosted the data on its broadband, as you can see in the table below;

DataPrice (ZWL)
Home Basic10GB1499
Home Plus30GB3300
Home Primier60GB6200
Infinity Pro100GB18500

With the above packages, TelOne has clearly become the cheapest, in terms of data, in Zimbabwe at the moment. The new data packages from TelOne are set to take effect from 23 November 2017. We will investigate the download speeds on the above packages. Needless to say, however, that all things being equal, the offered data should be more than enough for the average home.

As an example, we used to get the old home basic package at $25 per month for 10GB of data. That was more than enough for our blogging and other needs. The new Home Plus package from TelOne, which still costs $25 but has been boosted to an amazing 30GB download cap, should see us downloading a few movies and streaming a few videos.

TelOne introduces Lower Denomination Packages

NetOne now also offers lower denomination packages, which should be attractive to those who are not so keep to purchase the monthly data packages.

The $1 Package

The first of these is the $1 package, which gives you 1GB of data and is valid for 24 hours. Compare that with daily browsing bundles from NetOne, Econet and Telecel, and you will see how much of a boost this is. Currently, the cheapest daily data bundle on the market is offered by NetOne, and sells for $1 for 300 MB of data.

The $5 Package

This is perhaps the best of TelOne’s new home broadband packages. For $5, you get 5GB of data, which is valid for 1 week. For most home users, 5GB should be more than enough data. Considering the flexibility that you get from making weekly payments, this is probably one of the packages that most will go for.


We have previously complained that TelOne’s performance has degraded over time. That’s perhaps because the company has been so popular, in terms of data provision. Now, we are happy to announce that things have largely gotten back to normal. The new data packages from TelOne should truly offer you value for your money.

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