SUV vs Sedan for Long Drives

Planning on going on a long drive into the countryside? Now, which car would be best for the journey, between an SUV and a sedan? This article is based on first hand information and will give a head to head of SUVs vs Sedans for long drives.

SUVs vs Sedans when driving long distance

Having driven long distance in both an SUV and a Sedan, the following points immediately come to mind when it comes to the SUV vs Sedan for long drives comparison;

  1. SUVs feel safer when driving long distance

When driving long distance, the one thing that I have noticed is that I feel safer in an SUV than in a Sedan. If you are wondering, I drive a Toyota Corolla sedan, but have recently had occasion to drive a Toyota Fortuner for a while.

In the sedan, I always have the overwhelming feeling that all the huge trucks and buses that are on the road are out to get me. There is a deep sense of insignificance and I always feel that my fate lies in the hands of the big guys.

  1. Overtaking is easier in the SUV

Driving an SUV long distance is also easier when compared to driving a Sedan because it’s so much easier to overtake. Part of it has to do with the point that I have just made above; the feeling of security.

I can’t recall the number of times that I fallen into a near panic after hitting a slight depression on the side of the road while trying to overtake a haulage truck.

In the SUV, however, all that you have to do is hit the gas and you will be on your way. That’s all dependent, of course, on the type of vehicle that you will be driving,  but, generally speaking, SUVs take the mantle when it comes to overtaking while driving long distance.

  1. SUVs are easier to handle on uneven terrain

Another thing that I have noticed is that SUVs are easier to handle long distance than sedans. This all has to do with the points that I have already mentioned above. Overtaking is much easier, and you don’t feel each and every one of the bumps that are on the road.

I do have to admit, however, that this point is somewhat subjective. There are sedans out there that are so easy to handle that you won’t be as fatigued as is the case when driving a huge SUV.

  1. SUVs carry more luggage

If you are going for a long drive, one of the things that you will notice is that the SUV will be much better in terms of carrying capacity. The difference is, however, not as significant as one may think and there are some things that one can do to take care of the issue, including by buying or hiring a trailer.

So, which one should you go for?

So, given a choice, which one is better, between an SUV and a sedan for long drives? Well, personally, I would definitely choose the SUV. However, for ordinary day to day driving, you would never find me near an SUV. Sedans are much easier to handle when driving to and from work that I don’t actually see a reason why anyone would opt for an SUV. Sedans are also easier to park int the city, the same of which cannot be said of SUVs.

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