Rogers Router Default Password and Username

What is the Rogers router default password? That’s the question that we are going to answer in this post. Please note beforehand that Rogers provides a wide range of routers and modems to its clients. Some customers also use routers that are not provided by Rogers. In this article, we list all the routers that Rogers provides to its customers, along with their default passwords and usernames. We will also show you how to quickly and easily find the admin login details for your Rogers router.

Rogers Modem Default Password

On most Rogers routers, the default password is cusadmin. Meanwhile, the default password is password. If you have the Rogers Ignite WiFi Gateway, the default username is admin while the default password is password. In the table below, we list all Rogers modems. We also provide their default login details.

Rogers Router Make and ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
Ignite WiFi Gateway (Aris XB 6)adminpassword
Hitron CODA-4582cusadminpassword
Hitron CGN3AMRcusadminpassword
Hitron CGNM3552,
Hitron CGN2cusadminpassword
Cisco DPC3825cusadminpassword
Cisco DPC2325cusadminpassword
SMC D3GNcusadminpassword

The above Rogers login details are not working. What do I do?

Some people report that the provided Rogers router password does not work. We have even been blasted by someone who thought we were shortchanging people with this series of articles. Well, we are simply trying to help. But it does happen that in some instances, the information provided above will fail to work.

That usually has a number of causes. Maybe you will be entering the wrong information. Or maybe you will be using a router other than the ones provided by Rogers. Rogers allows this, as is the case with all other ISPs in Canada.

It’s also possible that you are failing to log in because somebody has previously change the Rogers router admin password. Technicians usually do this while setting up your system. You can see from the above that the usernames and passwords on most Rogers routers are the same.

It’s similar with most other networks. In most instances, the usernames and passwords for routers and modems will be the same across the board. As an example, most Huawei routers use admin as the password. Admin is also the username.

Anyway, that presents challenges. It means anybody who has access to your internet will be able to change the password to your router using the well known defaults. There have been several cases of people being locked out of their own internet by cheeky neighbors.

To prevent this, people usually change the Rogers modem password from the default. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to forget these new passwords. You probably don’t need your modem password that much. So, what do you do the next time that you wish to log in?

Reset your Rogers Router

The solution to the above described conundrum involves resetting your Rogers router. That way, you will be able to log in with the defaults given above. To do a reset, simply following the instructions given below;

  • Find the reset button on the back of your Rogers router.
  • Press on this button for at least 25 seconds.
  • Your router will go back to factory defaults.
  • Log in with the default Rogers router password and username.

Find the correct Rogers modem password information on the router label

The good news, when everything else has failed, is that the information that you need to sign into your Rogers router’s settings page was right before you all the time. That’s something that you may find surprising, considering the effort that you may have put into finding the information.

Most routers and modems have a sticker on the bottom. This sticker, usually called a router label, has all the information needed to log into your router. If you check, you will see that there is the modem password. The login IP address is also usually printed on this label.

Use Command Prompt to find the default IP

You need to have the default IP for your router to be able to log in. We did not give prominence to that in this article because we assumed that since you are looking for the Rogers router password, you already have the IP and you are trying to log in.

But for the sake of knowledge, we will tell you that you can find the default IP for any router via Windows’ Command Prompt. To do that, simply open a Command Prompt window. In the Window, type in ipcofig. Press enter and scroll to Default Gateway. That’s your router’s IP.

Why would you need the Rogers Router Password?

Having the Rogers modem password can come in handy in a variety of instances. Perhaps you need to adopt a new name for your WiFi. That’s only possible via the settings page of your Rogers router.

Or maybe you need to start using a new password. People sometimes decide to do this after being hacked, not by professional hackers, but by crafty neighbors. The only hint that you will get will be when your internet speed slows down drastically.

True, you may lambast Rogers, but the answer usually lies nearby. There is nothing like free WiFi to get people to start downloading all manner of nonsense. Anyway, should this happen to you, you will be looking to kick these people out using a new password.

What if you use your own router?

This is something that we have already mentioned. Rogers allows its customers to use their own routers. Perhaps you feel that you have a model that’s faster than the ones that are provided by the network. Having your own router would be great in that case, but it can have challenges, including not having support.

Anyway, that’s not the issue here. You are reading this section because the Rogers router password given above does not work if you have another type of modem in use. So, what do do you?

Well, the information that we have already provided here should be handy. It’s not very difficult to find the password and username on any router. You just need to read it off the router label. Otherwise search on this website to see if we have covered your router model.

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