Reasons for Having a Dedicated Server

If your business is growing, I believe that you will agree that it’s about time you made a website for it. Choosing a suitable web hosting provider and the appropriate type of hosting will be the first things you will need to focus on. Instead of opting for a web hosting service, you could consider setting up some personal servers.This article looks at some of the reasons for having a dedicated server for your business.

Four reasons for having a dedicated server.

Having your own dedicated server is a good strategy for very large tech companies. It will, however, not work if you are a small company because you wont to be able to justify electricity and maintenance costs. The hardware required to set up a server isn’t cheap either.

Fortunately, you can still get dedicated web hosting from companies such as, Cybercon, and Godaddy available in the market that provide reasonable packages for dedicated and other kinds of hosting. These companies allow you to have your own dedicated web hosting without the disadvantages of buying and running your own servers.

1. Dedicated servers provide Reliability

 Several websites are sharing the same server space in a shared server; therefore, a business using more server resources can affect the performance for other users. This can lead to many problems as if one website on the shared server goes down due to a malware or virus all the other websites on the server are also at risk. Businesses which choose a dedicated server do not have to share resources with other users which increases the performance of their websites and helps them manage the traffic more efficiently.

2. Dedicated servers provide better Security

Choosing a dedicated server would mean that no one else will have any access to your servers, which helps in increasing your business’s security and the security of your corporate data. Furthermore, you can also control the firewall settings, which helps improve your security standards without decreasing the performance of your website.

3. Dedicated servers provide enhanced control over servers

Dedicated server hosting provides the users with a lot of features which help them gain exclusive control over their websites and servers. The users can have their own server, and they can do anything they want with them, without the necessity to share the machine with anyone else.

They can grow their website and increase the specifications of their servers without the worrying about any storage and bandwidth problems. The applications the users have installed and their overall websites can load faster, without being slowed down by other websites.

The users will not receive any sort of complaints due to the sudden traffic spike on their websites. Dedicated server hosting also provides the users’ control of locking their servers down in case of a cyber-attack.

4. Easier maintenance

Dedicated server hosting packages include round the clock support. This helps a lot in overall maintenance and other issues. The IT teams of the users do not have to invest valuable time in performing server maintenance tasks such as updating anti-virus protection and managing local server updates etc. dedicated server hosting also provides backup and recovery functions which makes the jobs of the users much easier.

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