Price of a DSTV Decoder in Zimbabwe

How much does a DSTV decoder cost in Zimbabwe? This is a question that we have been asked a lot by our readers. If you are looking to buy a DSTV decoder, then the thing to remember is that DSTV decoders come in a variety of types. The price of a DSTV decoder is, therefore, going to depend on the type of decoder that you want to buy. Here, in any case, are the DSTV decoder prices in Zimbabwe;

Cost of DSTV Decoders in Zimbabwe

The following are the DSTV decoder prices in Zimbabwe;

Decoder TypePrice
DSTV Explora$270
DSTV Explora + Smart LNB$315
HD Single View Decoder$90

Are the prices in USDs or RTGS?

Note that the above prices are USD prices. What this means is that if you are looking to buy a DSTV decoder using bond notes, then you will have to do some running around. Don’t know whether or not you will be able to buy a DSTV decoder in Zimbabwe using the recently introduced RTGS dollars.

Where can I get a DSTV Decoder in Zimbabwe?

You can buy a DSTV decoder from your nearest Multichoice branch. It’s also possible for you to buy your DSTV decoder from some other place in Harare. However, it’s better, most of the time, to get your hardware from the source.

That’s because should you ever have problems with your Decoder, you will be able to return it to the store to have it looked at.

Are these the only DSTV Decoders that are available?

These are the only Decoders that are available at Multichoice in Zimbabwe. To be frank, if you are going to be buying a DSTV decoder in this day and age, you are better off getting one of the above two.

If you are still using those old decoders, then you are probably missing out. There is also the fact that old DSTV decoders could soon become obsolete as Multichoice moves to new satellite technologies.

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