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    1. You can probably only wait. Things will work out eventually. Payoneer appears to be grappling with the move from Wirecard to their own card issuer. So, they have been reviewing lot’s of documents to verify people’s addresses etc. If you have an issue, reach out to Payoneer via the contacts that are on their site.

  1. Hello My payment is still on pending status because my credentials are still on nder review status. i have waited for 8 days already but I got no response from the company. I provided all the details so I think it’s their responsibility now to tell me whats the problem so that I can provide it immediately. I hope Payoneer will be sensitive enough to cater the needs of their customer.
    Thank you!

  2. I am a freelancer, and client paid via payoneer.
    Payoneer sent me an email to ask additional information of my payer.
    But it’s still pending although he provided required information to them.
    When they will release this fund?

    1. Don’t worry. They may simply be reviewing information about he payer. You could contact them to find out what’s happening exactly.

  3. Thanks for your kind reply.
    I know ‘Contact Us’ exists on any website.
    I just wonder if someone has similar experience. 🙂

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