Are Lady Driven Vehicles Really that Good?

Okay, I know this article will put me in the cross-hairs for feminists around the world. Open a newspaper today and you will come across advertisements from people who claim to be selling “lady driven” vehicles. The question is, are lady driven cars really that good? Are women better drivers than men?

The Female vs Male Drivers Debate?

At the center of this “lady driven,” craze, at least in Zimbabwe, is the belief that women are better drivers than men. They also supposedly take greater care of their vehicles than men. So, is this true? Here are a few pointers;

Women are no better than men when it comes to driving

In my experience, women are no better drivers than men. This fact applies in almost all parts of the globe.

I know of reckless female drivers

Indeed, I know of a number of female drivers who are truly reckless. Part of the problem is the fact that women tend to have a high level of bravado. They take activism onto the roads and it becomes a real battle of wits with other drivers.

Instead of simply driving to get where they are going, women drivers tend to take every situation as an affront, and they are hell bend on proving that they are better than male drivers. Admittedly, this attitude is not entirely their fault. Men, across all fulcrums of life, tend to be douche-bags, and women cannot be faulted for wanting to prove that they can be even better douche-bags.

Women drivers tend to panic more than men

Panicking is one of the reasons why most accidents occur on the road. Not only do female drivers overreact in adverse situations, but they also tend to weep the loudest when accidents occur.

I know of a lady who drives around at 180KM/H. I am always telling her that the day that she is involved in an accident, we will have a hard time controlling her wailing.

Lady Driven Anyone?

So, a lady driven car? Well, I would probably buy one. However, nobody is going to fool me by saying that that car is in a better condition than others. Indeed, before buying a lady driven vehicle, I will make sure that there are no dents and dings that have been hidden behind thick coats of paint.

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