How to Protect yourself from the Wcry, Ransomware

Malwarebytes Protects Against Wcry Ransomware

If, as you should, you are worried about the marauding Wcry Ransomware, one of the ways through which you can protect yourself is through the use Malwarebytes antimalware. We have previously written an article in which we mention the fact that Malwarebytes is a good antimalware that provides all round protection for computers. The program is particularly good when it comes to stopping Ransomware and other malicious software.

The Wcry Ransomware

The Wcry Ransomware has, if you have been following the news, been causing havoc across the world. Also known as the Wannacry, Wannacrypt malware, this piece of Ransomware encrypts and locks all the files that are on infected computers. Victims are then asked to make a payment of $300 before being granted access to their files.

About Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the particularly devastating types of malware that have emerged over the past few years. As we have already mentioned, Ransomware works by encrypting all the files that are on the target computer and asking users to pay a ransom in order to regain access to their files. One of the notable things about Wannacrypt is that it behaves like a worm and self propagates across computer systems.

Effects of Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks can be devastating, particularly for large organizations. One of the first and most notable victims of the Wcry virus was the NHS in the United Kingdom. The attack reportedly forced hospitals to turn away patients. Now there are fears that more of the organization’s computer systems will come under attack.

One of the reasons why entities such as the NHS are so vulnerable to Wannacry and other Ransomware is the fact that their computer systems are often not up to date. Most are still using Windows XP based systems, despite the fact that Microsoft has long since stopped updating this Operation System.

NSA Exploits

The notable thing about the Wannacrypt Ransomware is that it uses Operation System vulnerabilities that were discovered by the NSA. This had led Microsoft to call on the CIA and the NSA to stop stockpiling vulnerabilities in computer systems for their own use.

In a world where leaks have become commonplace, Microsoft argues, discovered areas of weakness should quickly be disclosed and plugged, in order to avoid attacks such as the one that has been taking place over the past few weeks. 

Microsoft at Fault

Microsoft’s argument is, without doubt, a major case of trying to pass the blame on someone else. Most of the computers that have been affected by the Wcry Ransomware are still using the Windows XP, Operation System, and their vulnerability stems from the fact that these computers are no longer receiving security updates.

Indeed, Microsoft became aware of the vulnerabilities that are being exploited today at about the same time as the hackers themselves.

While the organization produced patches for later versions of Windows, it stuck to its guns when it comes to Windows XP, a development that has exacerbated the current situation. This decision was despite the fact that over 7% of computers out there still use Windows XP.

It is only now that Microsoft has decided to take the unprecedented step of producing a security patch for Windows XP computers.

Protect Yourself from Wcry/Wannacry/Wannacrypt Ransomware with Malwarebytes

The best way of protecting yourself from the Wannacrypt Ransomware is through the use of a good anti ransomware program. One of the best in this regard is Malwarebytes. The great thing about this anti malware program is that it comes with complete protection for ransomware, viruses, trojans, worms and all other types of malware. This represents total protection against all the threats that are out there.

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