How to have continuous numbering in a WordPress Post

How to get Continuous Numbering in a WordPress post after switching to Gutenberg

have continuous numbering in a WordPress post when using Gutenberg

If you have switched over to Gutenberg from the Classic WordPress editor, you will discover the the method that is given above no longer works as a way of getting continuous numbering in a WordPress post. The good news is that all is not lost. To get continued numbering in WordPress when using the new WordPress block editor, all that you need to do is the following;

In the Gutenberg editor, click on the block on which you wish to have continuous numbering. Then click on “Edit as HTML”

Now, copy this code into your block;

<ol start=”2″>
<li class=”has-text-color has-background has-medium-font-size has-very-light-gray-color has-vivid-cyan-blue-background-color” style=”line-height: 0.9;”>Type you text here</li>

I am assuming that you wish to create numbered headings. Click on the three dots and and choose “Edit Visually” and you will see that you now have a colorful style to your header. Now, if you are not into that, simply remove the class section to remain with;

<ol start=”2″>
<li style=”line-height: 0.9;”>Type you text here</li>

Of course, you will change the number in start=”…” to the number that you want. That’s it! That’s how you get continuous numbering while using the WordPress Gutenberg Editor.

As you can see, getting continuous numbering in a WordPress post when using the block editor is a simple matter of adding the number and ) in front of the > symbol. The process is even simpler than when using the classic editor. To reiterate, you simply go to the code editor in Gutenberg and add the number plus bracket where you wish to have continued numbering.

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9 thoughts on “How to have continuous numbering in a WordPress Post”

    1. Its working on mine. Its simple, really. All that you need to do is go to the editing section of your post. While in visual manager, click on the numbered list button at the top (where there is 1,2,3…). You will discover that WordPress restarts numbering at 1, unlike word where you can continue numbering. Now you go to Text editor. Go to where the number is and in front of the ol, add start=2, or 3, or whatever you want it to be. Let me perhaps make a video to simplify things. will add the link soon

  1. Benjamin Chase

    The Gutenberg one is not making sense to me. If I’ve got a list of 10 things, then text, then a list of another 10 things, then text, and so on…are you saying that I need to manually add a number? Because that’s the only thing that I’m getting when I try to do this. The output of number ) text for Gutenberg is the ordered number from the list generator along with another number that I’ve now inserted.

    Or am I inserting the number in the wrong place? I’ve tried between OL and LI, and that causes issues with the block formatting.

    1. Okay. I have updated the method of getting continuous numbering in Gutenberg. I tried posting the reply here but it turns the html into text so you will have to go back to the article (page 2) to get the update.


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