How to Change the Font Size on a Kindle Paperwhite

Reading books on a Kindle Paperwhite is a marvel. The e-ink display gives you a reading experience that’s even more than what you get with paper books. There is none of the glare that’s associated with reading books on a computer or on a tablet. And you mostly don’t have to worry about exhausting your battery. If you have a Kindle Paperwhite old version or the latest Kindle Paperwhite 2018 edition, you may find yourself wishing to change the font size on the device. To change the font size on a Kindle Paperwhite, take the following steps;

  1. Open the book that you wish to read.
  2. Click on the top of the screen to get the screen options
  3. Choose “Page Display.”
  4. Click on “Font and Page Settings.”
  5. Choose your preferred font.
  6. Choose your preferred font size.

Using the zoom option

The above steps are simple enough. However, there is an even better way of changing the font size on a Kindle Paperwhite. All that you need to do is go to the book that you are reading. Next, place two fingers on the screen. You can then zoom in and out to change the font size.

What do I use on my Paperwhite

I use my Kindle Paperwhite on a daily basis. In fact, I sometimes think I have one of the most used Kindle Paperwhites in the world. On my device, I use the Bookerly font. I don’t know why I chose this font. Maybe it was the default, or maybe I Googled “best font on a Kindle Paperwhite?” I don’t know. Anyway, the font size that I prefer is 9. I have previously experimented with bigger font sizes. However, size 9 is what I have now settled on.

Default Page Display Options

If you do not want to bother changing the font and other display options on your Kindle Paperwhite, you will be pleased to note that the device comes with custom display options. These are;

  • Compact
  • Standard
  • Large

To get to them, all that you need to do is click at the top of your screen on the page that you are reading. Next, click on “Page Display.” You can then choose any of the default page options. Note that the moment that you change anything on your screen (eg font size), the display reverts to the “Custom,” option.

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