How to Bulk Delete WordPress Posts

Okay, this article may bring the shivers to many a seasoned blogger. Creating content is such an involved process that there never appears to be any reason why one would consider deleting one’s writings. However, should the craziness ever bite you, and you decide to get rid of many of the articles that are on your site, how do you go about deleting your posts? Do you go after individual posts or is there a way through which you can bulk delete the content that’s on your site? Here is how to bulk delete WordPress posts;

How to bulk delete content on your site

The good news is that there is an easy way through which you can bulk delete the articles that are on your WordPress website. In order to achieve this heinous undertaking, all that you need to do is the following;

  1. Log into the backend of your WordPress website
  2. In your Dashboard move your mouse to Posts and then click on All Posts.
  3. You will now see all the posts that make up your website.
  4. WordPress only provides you with 20 posts at a time. Click on the box beside “Title,” at the top to highlight all posts.
  5. Now go to “Bulk Actions,” and choose “Move to Trash.”

That’s it. Now the selected posts will be moved to the Trash folder. They are still recoverable at this stage. However, should they ever be deleted from the “Trash,” folder, that will be the last that you will ever see of your posts.

Bulk deleting posts in one category

You can target the posts in one category for bulk deletion. In order to do this, you need to log into your website and click on Posts and then All Posts in your Dashboard. Click on “All Categories,” and in the drop down menu that appears, choose the Category containing the posts that you wish to delete. When the posts appear, follow steps 5 and five above to delete them.

Again, deleting your posts is not something that most bloggers will never ever consider. This applies even when the posts in question are not that popular. Even a post that gets you one reader a day is worth it, when all things are considered.

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